Love Island All Stars houses

Sold! Inside the Love Island: All Stars contestants’ outrageously boujee houses

Warning: Proceed with caution if you aren’t a fan of the minimalist aesthetic

It’s only natural to want a peek inside the private homes of celebrities and with the return of our favourite influencers on Love Island All Stars, let’s take you inside the contestants’ homes. Whether someone chooses to opt for the grey, crushed velvet vibe, or prefers a vibrant, art-filled, multi-coloured style, the inside of someone’s house can tell you a lot about who they really are. We’ve done some Instagram digging to find this all out for you.


Season five’s Anton’s house is classy, stylish, homely – even if it is excessively beige. He’s nailed the timeless look with the wooden beams and complimentary marble countertops – the Scotsman has impressed us. However, after recently moving back from Dubai, we reckon this is actually his mum’s house (no shame whatsoever). You know, the same mum that shaves his bum?

Callum and Molly

We know what you’re thinking: this is the pre-break-up living arrangement, we assume. But wherever they’re living now, we hope it’s somewhere with a bit more soul. Because, Callum and Molly’s house is your typical neutral-tone nightmare. Bonus points for the awkwardly placed treadmill overlooking the black and white lion wall art. Standard. Here’s hoping that their new homes are more exciting.



Despite his Barbie cameo, Chris is back in the villa to find love. Living with Michael Griffiths, a fellow islander from season 5, the duo’s house features heavily on Chris’s Instagram. We’re a big fan of the sage green exterior – Hollywood has changed Chris for the better it seems. His Instagram skits even take us inside the house’s bathroom, showcasing the pair’s impressive Mr Muscle drain unblocker collection. This lad’s pad is one to envy.


Boujee isn’t the word for Demi – stylish, elegant, and luxurious, this season six star’s house did not disappoint. From the sparkling, marble and glass bathroom to the king-size bed, this house is fit for the princess that she is. The wall panelling and in-built shower shelf are our favourite aspects of this beauty’s home.

Georgia Harrison

Georgia’s home is all neutral in the best way – she’s kept it sleek, but still fun and artistic. She talks us through her interior design and styling, which she describes as boho and spiritual. This is a home we wouldn’t leave, even for South Africa. We love how she showcases her personality through her home, with crystals and disco balls featured.

Georgia Steel

Our Queen Gee did not let us down. The beautiful, vintage staircase makes for the best Insta pic background. In contrast, the ultra high tec, monochrome living area has left us all wowed. We would never expect anything less – an exquisite house for an exquisite girl.


Scouse prinny Hannah doesn’t showcase much of her home, but it’s your typical white and silver, sparkly mirrored influencer home. Finished off with the IKEA Alex drawers (of course), Hannah’s getting-ready area is the only part of her home that is heavily featured on her Instagram. The light neutrals makes this blonde bombshell’s tan absolutely pop in her Insta posts.


We can’t help but assume that Jake’s house has had a woman’s touch – he doesn’t strike us as the houseplants and woman’s figure ornament type of guy. He does, however, strike us as the outdoor ice bath type. There’s nothing too shocking about that – the best of both worlds, we would argue.


Another creative, fun take on the minimalist neutral look, Kaz’s house is as stylish as she is. With the modern artwork, clashing tiling, and the gorgeous green theme to her bedroom, Kaz’s house is a dream. We love how she’s incorporated her personality with this sultry, classy design.



Everyone’s favourite Brummie shows off a walk-in wardrobe and vanity station that any girl would be jealous of. Her decadent vibe definitely matches the regal energy of our season seven queen. You know she has the best time getting ready for girls’ night in there.


Messy Mitch? Not when it comes to his stylish, modern home. The skylight windows, marble-top kitchen, and elegant black and white theme has been executed beautifully. However, just like Jake, we have to question whether this is the styling of a woman. We love Mitch, but we don’t think these are his artistic choices.


Stunning kitchen? Check. The minimalist neutral look? Check. Intense Bhudda wall art? Check. Toby has mastered the influencer home vibe, and whilst it’s not to everyone’s taste, we respect the commitment. He could’ve cleared away the Coke and Red Bull stock before posting on Insta though. Come on, Toby.

Shoutout to the influencers who aren’t afraid to show a smidge of personality through their homes, and dare to stray from the neutral tones. You’re very brave!

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