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A rundown of all the petty Queer Eye drama between Bobby Berk and Tan France

Imagine beefing over Instagram in your 40s

The Fab Five attended the Emmys this weekend, where Queer Eye won the award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, but of course, there had to be more drama between Tan France and Bobby Berk.

Both of them posted pictures of the cast with their Emmys, but neither of them tagged each other and Tan conveniently didn’t post any pictures that included Bobby in them. Awkward.

At this point, the drama seems to be never-ending and a lot has happened since the initial beef. So, let’s break down all the insanely petty Queer Eye drama that’s happened between Bobby Berk and Tan France so far.

Bobby was asked to leave Queer Eye after the cast ‘began to resent him’

Bobby Berk announced in November that after six years he had made the “difficult decision” to leave Queer Eye. A source claimed that Bobby Berk was “asked to leave” after issues with the rest of the Queer Eye cast.

The source said: “There were many challenges with scheduling and there was a loss of interest from Bobby filming the show. The network and the cast thought it was time to bring in fresh blood. His heart was not in it and the rest of the cast started to resent him because of that.” Yikes.

Bobby then unfollowed Tan and Antoni from Queer Eye on Instagram

Bobby unfollowed Tan and Antoni on Instagram, although at the time both of them still followed him. Tan was also the only member of the Fab Five who hadn’t commented on Bobby’s leaving post, and a lack of comment means everything.

Tan then unfollowed him after Bobby snubbed Tan in an Instagram post

Tan then unfollowed Bobby on Instagram, meaning neither of them follow each other. However, Bobby did start to follow Antoni again on Instagram.

Tan is thought to have unfollowed Bobby after he posted a season eight Queer Eye announcement and didn’t tag Tan. Bobby tagged everyone else in the Queer Eye cast, only tagging Tan once the post had been up for a few hours.

When Bobby did eventually tag him, he didn’t tag his main account but his secondary account called @shaded, which Tan hasn’t posted to in over three years. A shady move.

Tan didn’t post any pictures that included Bobby from the Emmys

Neither Booby nor Tan tagged each other in their Instagram posts celebrating getting an Emmy, despite tagging the rest of the Queer Eye cast. Tan took the drama one step further by actively not posting any pictures at all of Bobby at the event and only posting pictures with the rest of the Queer Eye cast.

I simply need to know what drama went down between them.

So now you’re all caught up on the drama between these two. And one final reminder that these men are both in their 40s.

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