Peggy Georges MAFS sex

Peggy says her MAFS UK cast members made her feel ‘peer pressured’ to have sex with Georges

Georges described the feeling as a ‘looming cloud’ over them

Peggy and George’s relationship was a big talking point at the MAFS reunion, especially the topic of whether or not they had sex yet. Peggy has now spoken about how “peer pressured” she felt into having sex with Georges before she was ready, and how she felt like the other MAFS cast members were making a massive deal about it.

Georges also discussed how he felt ready to have sex on the night of his MAFS wedding to Peggy, and that by the end of the experiment, his balls were “so blue they were practically metallic.”

In the YouTube video, Georges said how before the reunion there was: “This big looming cloud above us, you know you haven’t said ‘I love you’ which wasn’t a big thing, but we hadn’t had sex yet at that point and that was such a big thing.

“And everyone made such a big hoo-ha about it, and I get why, but I’d like to think I made myself very clear at the reunion that it’s not their relationship, it’s ours. I think we just needed to get past the reunion before it happened.”

Peggy added how “sad it was” that she felt so peer pressured by the others, and described how even as an adult it’s not a nice feeling when you’re feeling peer pressured into having sex.

Georges added that he was ready to have sex with Peggy on their MAFS wedding night and that by the end of the experiment, his balls were so blue they had “practically turned metallic.” Peggy said that “nothing good comes easy,” before Georges interjected that “everyone wants to cum.”

He also joked that it was the “best comeback story in the world, and I’m not talking about the cum on her back.” I’m genuinely at a loss as to what to think right now.

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