Too Hot To Handle cast members who now have babies

Too Hot To Handle babies: All the cast members who have had children since the show

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Considering the show is all about people who only care for physical attraction and struggle to make meaningful connections, you might be surprised at just how many cast members from Too Hot To Handle have gone on to have babies since the show.

It seems as though Lana’s sex-ban retreat really works, as people from the show have come back to the real world and decided to settle down and start families, living the wholesome life the robot rule-maker would have wanted for them.

Here’s a rundown of all the Too Hot To Handle cast members who have welcomed babies since being on the show.

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes

Emily and Cam have welcomed their first baby together, making them the only couple still together from the show who have gone on to have children. The couple met on the second series of the Netflix dating show, and have been together since.

Their first child was born in June 2024, two years after Emily suffered an ectopic pregnancy. They welcomed a little boy called Reggie Ruston Miller-Holmes. The couple celebrated their three year anniversary in December 2023.

Nathan Webb

In 2022, season two star Nathan Webb welcomed a daughter. He shares his little girl called Kynlei Niyle with Kayleigh Rock, who he was dating before the show and rekindled with after filming. However, it looks as though Nathan and Kayleigh have since split up.

Imogen Ewan

Imogen Ewan from Too Hot To Handle season four gave birth to her daughter Lottie in April 2023. She announced her pregnancy on Christmas Day 2022, not long after her season had been aired.

Brianna Giscombe

Brianna was on the third season of Too Hot To Handle, and has since welcomed a little girl. In a post in 2022 she said she was expecting, and joked in the comments she “went MIA and popped back up prego”. It looks as though baby Zoey was born in December 2022.

Gerrie Labuschagné

Gerrie was a late arrival in season three of Too Hot To Handle, and is now married and has a child. His partner is called Lacey and they welcomed a little girl called Delilah Grace in September 2023.

Haley Cureton

Haley was in season one of the show, and famously kissed Francesca Farago purely to lose money for the group. Now she’s settled down with a partner and has welcomed her first child. Haley told her partner Yung she was pregnant on Father’s Day, and shared the moment on Instagram.

In January 2024, she gave birth to a little boy, called Joon Christopher Kim.

Beaux Raymond

Beaux Raymond was on season three of Too Hot To Handle, which she won with Harry Johnson. After the show, Harry and Beaux announced they were no longer together and in 2023, Beaux went Instagram official with her partner, Mason. She announced her pregnancy in July 2023, and is had a little girl in February 2024.

Francesca Farago

Francesca was on the first season of Too Hot To Handle, and famously broke Lana’s rules just for the fun of it. After the show she revealed she was still dating Harry Jowsey, but they later split.

Now, Francesca is in a relationship with Jesse Sullivan and the couple have announced they are expecting, after a tough IVF journey together. “We wanted to take this special day to celebrate this amazing milestone with all of you,” Francesca said on Instagram. “We’ve brought you with us through the loss, so we couldn’t wait to bring you along for the win.”

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