MAFS UK boxing match

‘I’m team nobody’: Why Shona from MAFS UK is refusing to attend Luke and Jordan’s boxing match

She’s not having it

Ahead of the MAFS UK boxing match, most of the cast of the show have declared whether they’ll be supporting Luke or Jordan in the fight. However, not all of the MAFS UK cast will be attending the boxing match, with one bride outright refusing to attend the event.

In a recent interview, Shona explained that she would not be attending the boxing match. She explained: “Oh my god, I am team nobody. I find it highly stressful and I will not be going.”

Shona’s boyfriend Matt is very excited about the match and will be attending, although he refuses to pick between Luke and Jordan. Matt said: “I’m well looking forward to it, but I love the boys. I’m not going to say one or the other.

“All I will say is I’m turning up there as security. I want to be a referee. I want to be there like, ‘Listen, I want everyone in order.’”

Jordan and Luke’s boxing match is taking place at the Indigo at The O2 arena on the 9th of February, with the doors opening at 5 pm and the match expected to finish at 11 pm.

None other than Terence from MAFS UK will be hosting the boxing match between Luke and Jordan. Terence is already used to entertaining massive groups of people, and I trust he’ll make sure that their walkout music is top-tier.

Luke’s ex-wife Jay hasn’t confirmed whether she’ll be attending yet, but Jordan’s wife Erica has already spoken about her thoughts on the match. She said: “The boys are organising a boxing match, which is due to be in February. They have big plans in place for this.

“I feel like they have to put everything behind them, there’s no point dragging it out, I do think the boxing match is a good way to settle things, the gentleman way in a ring, where it’s supervised with a referee and they’ve got gloves on, it’s the best way to do it.”

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