Squid Game The Challenge spoiler

Um, everyone thinks Ashley has spoiled who wins Squid Game: The Challenge on Twitter

She’s posted that one of the finalists took her to Disneyland and Louis Vuitton

Later today, circa 9pm PST, we’re finally going to find out who is winning that huge multimillion Squid Game: The Challenge jackpot – but the winner has potentially already been spoiled on Twitter after a couple of eliminated players posted saying one of the final three took them to Disneyland and to Louis Vuitton. So is this a Squid Game: The Challenge spoiler or not?

Ashley, the controversial player 278 who became an enemy in the eyes of the viewer after she refused to play was a team in the bridge game – resulting in the elimination of fan fave Trey, posted on Twitter / X that finalist Sam took her and Phalisia (player 229) to Disneyland. “Sam treated Phalisia and I to a day at Disneyland, it was so magical and chill. Beautiful weather!” she wrote.

Phalisia then quoted Ashley’s tweet saying that Sam also took them on a trip to Louis Vuitton as well as the Disneyland excursion, including a video of the bearded finalist outside of the shop.

Everyone is of course going into a frenzy about this, with the replies to both tweets asking if it’s a spoiler or not. It remains to be seen if it actually is, but personally I think the two girls are trolling Twitter. Surely they wouldn’t play with fire so obviously to reveal such a big spoiler about Squid Game: The Challenge would be a big breach of the contract with Netflix.

But if they are just trolling, surely it’s a spoiler he DOESN’T win? It’s all just a mess, in my opinion. Guess we’ll find out the truth later on today!

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