Barry Keoghan Instagram

An ode to Barry Keoghan and his chaotically sexy Instagram

I can’t escape this man and honestly? I don’t want to

Since I first clapped eyes on Barry Keoghan in Yorgos Lanthimos’ incredible horror film The Killing of a Sacred Deer, I was completely fascinated by him. His performance is outstanding, a proper star making turn where you can’t take your eyes off him. He starred in Dunkirk the same year, and since Sacred Deer Barry Keoghan has garnered a reputation for playing charismatic little weirdos that you can’t stop thinking about. After his MCU debut in The Eternals, last year’s The Banshees of Inisherin and his lead role in Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn this year, Barry Keoghan is the lad on everyone’s lips. Not only is Barry Keoghan an outstanding actor, he’s causing homoerotic havoc with Saltburn costar Jacob Elordi and becoming infamous for a chaotic, sexy Instagram feed that I personally have spent an embarrassing number of hours perusing. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Let’s start with the biggie – he’s hanging out with Charles Melton, who is at the centre of Oscar conversation after his pitch perfect portrayal of Joe Yoo in Todd Haynes’ May December. This picture is my Avengers. Two actors at the top of their game, getting acclaim and just vibing. You have to love it.

What’s perfect about Barry Keoghan is despite the mainstream Hollywood hype, his Instagram is just so … normal. This picture is objectively awful, the plane (assuming this is a plane, it looks like a plane) is horribly lit with white lighting and the flash on his phone camera washes them out. But all these things are what make it so good. And so sexy. I love them.

Considering both Barry Keoghan and Cillian Murphy are likely to be up for Best Actor at the Oscars, this picture is once again another meeting of minds. Irish excellence. In what I can only assume is a loving ode to the bomb from Oppenheimer, the lighting of this one Keoghan’s chosen to post makes it look like they’re positioned right in front of an explosion.

God bless the blasé sexy images Barry Keoghan posts to his Instagram. A Saltburn behind the scenes gem here. The legs spread… I do not have the words.

Taking it back to 2019 here, where Barry Keoghan and The Chalomet are looking like two lads on freshers week. I can’t believe this picture is real, actually. It’s too powerful.

I don’t know what’s happening. If this wasn’t from before AI generated images were everywhere, I’d think this was AI generated. It’s literally my Roman Empire. Who is next to make it onto the Keoghan grid?

The two attributes of Barry Keoghan work in perfect harmony for me; one of the greatest Hollywood actors working today meets a deeply sexy, chaotic Instagram presence of a down to earth, normal Dublin lad who doesn’t forget who he is. Even the way the handle is still keoghan92 like he’s just some lad from down the road. He’s just one of those people you know would be unparalleled joy if you went for a pint with him. Notifications ON for his Instagram.

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Featured image credit: @keoghan92