Enrique Iglesias sing

An investigation into whether Enrique Iglesias can actually sing or not

Is everything I’ve heard a lie?

Enrique Iglesias is a certified early 2000s icon and I will hear no slander put in his name. Having said that, there has been some incredibly worrying TikTok footage concerning Enrique Iglesias, which majorly makes it look like the man cannot sing to save his life.

At this point, I’m really starting to believe that the man has just managed to convince the entire world that he can sing when in reality he can’t. But, has he never been able to sing, or has his voice just gotten worse with age? I know these are the questions that keep you up at night, so let’s investigate whether Enrique Iglesias can actually sing or not.

What does Enrique Iglesias sound like in 2023?

Yikes. So, Enrique Iglesias in 2023 really doesn’t sound great. He is currently on tour and most of the people in the audience seem to be mother-and-daughter duos who grew up during his peak Hero and Pitbull era. Imagine going to listen to him sing I Like It and hearing this instead. I would be both laughing and crying simultaneously.

But maybe he was just having an off day and it was a little blip? Sadly for us all, it was not a blip. In another concert from this year, he still sounds bad.


front row with my mom and i couldnt stop laughing #enriqueiglesias #trilogytour

♬ original sound – ariel diaz

I can’t even work out which song of his this is supposed to be. Is he singing English? Spanish? Is he even really singing at all? It’s actually boggling my mind right now how truly awful he sounds in this.


Good lord. That is just outright bad. It’s not even like it sounds like he has a sore throat or the pitch is too high. It just genuinely sounds like he cannot carry a tune whatsoever. I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

Okay, so far we can conclude that as of right now, Enrique really cannot sing and does seem to rely heavily on autotune for his concerts and albums. One TikTok commenter said that they “worked with his music producer as a sound analyst and his music is all synthetic autotune.”

Whilst it’s very easy to make things up on social media, with the footage I’ve been hearing I can very much believe that he relies solely on autotune.

For the next part of my investigation, let’s take it right back to the start of his career to see whether he could ever actually sing in the first place.

The beginnings of his career

Back in 2000, Enrique Iglesias was accused of not being able to sing. He went onto the Howard Stern Show to prove that he could sing and that it wasn’t just autotune. And I’ll be honest, if anything it just proves he can’t.

That note on “need” is really quite something. Howard Stern says that it proves he can sing, but he’s not really sounding very convinced. Enrique can sing, but just not very well.

In 2013 Enrique sang live at the Rockefeller Plaza and the autotune was off the charts. Everyone in the comments is confused about how they thought this sounded fine at the time, with others saying that he uses a “voice double” and he’s “only famous because his dad is Julio Iglesias.”

And, the final nail in the coffin is this direct comparison between his autotune voice and his actual voice. This is a distressing watch, so be warned.

Yeesh, this man can’t sing, can he? I have mulled over the results of my very thorough investigation and have come to the conclusion that Enrique cannot sing. I am convinced that his entire career has been founded on autotune and he rode on the success of Pitbull, as well as the undying love his middle-aged mum fans have for him.

So, if you’re planning on going to Enrique Iglesias concert then don’t go for the singing quality, but do go for the very cringe floor grinding.

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