Squid Game The Challenge games ranked

Ranking all the games from Squid Game: The Challenge from tedious to TENSE

Biting my nails like a nervous madman watching these

Just like the original Netflix series before it, the game show spin off Squid Game: The Challenge pits a load of players against simple, child-like games that test their nerve with brutal sudden consequences. The Challenge spin off of Squid Game switches up the games slightly, so we ranked them all – from the tedious to the nail-biting, anxiety inducing tense.

6. Warship

The Squid Game version of Battleships, basically. It’s an anticlimax, I can’t lie. I liked that if the captains lost they instantly got eliminated, but I feel like all the games without the fake death ink splatter are a bit flop. All they had to do was sit down in the boats… Where’s the drama? It also took all the agency away from most of the players, beyond literally four captains. Everyone else was just sitting ducks. Bring back tug of war!

5. Circle of Trust

Considering this is the last game we’ve all seen, it’s failed to hit the heavy heights of the bigger scale games. Did all the budget go on the other games or something? I could make people do this in my living room, for god’s sake. Albeit not for a 4mil cash prize, but still. I like that this game has a lot of lying and deceit involved, but I think it didn’t hit as hard as I needed it to. Maybe I was just fuming watching it because all my queens had been eliminated already… Who can say?

4. Marbles

This one is hard, because it’s emotionally charged rather than typically tense. Depending on the pair you’re watching, you could either have your heart broken in two and stamped on or truly not give a shit. I like the creative freedom it gives players, but when the players have no creativity then it’s its own worst enemy. LeAnn and Trey broke me into bits with this one.

3. Red Light Green Light

Tense in the sense that it’s brutally savage and massacres hundreds every time, but also because there’s so many people your chances of making it are quite high. Unless you decide to be an idiot and literally squat for some reason. She signed her death warrant, that woman.

2. Dalgona

How tense can cutting out a cookie be? Very. The grouping, queuing and arguing over the shapes for this one made it stressful alone, but the cookie cutting was honestly giving me ANXIETY. Watching them all lick it and the honeycomb go all runny like biscuit soup was making me gip. Too on edge for words, and made my tongue feel like it was bleeding just watching it.

1. Glass Stepping Stones

Ranked at the top of all the Squid Game The Challenge games is the hell on earth terror of Glass Stepping Stones. Of all the games on this spin-off, the way the players fell to their doom here made it feel like we were watching the deaths from the show. So many big casualties from players we loved like poor Trey. Ashley refusing to do what the team agreed and making Trey take three jumps just made it even more tense. Edge of your seat stuff

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