Luke MAFS UK tattoos meaning

Luke from MAFS UK explains the meaning behind his tattoos and they’re not what you’d think

Two of them have to do with courage and loyalty

Luke is known for many things on MAFS UK, most notably his feud with fellow groom Jordan but have you ever wondered the meaning behind his tattoos? Whilst Luke’s tattoos aren’t as numerous or as visible as Brad’s, he still has a couple that fans of the show will have spotted on him.

From ones that have personal meaning to Luke to those he got in a drunken haze, let’s explore what all of  Luke’s tattoos actually mean.

Luke took to his Instagram story to do a fan Q&A with someone asking him if there was any meaning behind his tattoos. Luke first addressed his visible tattoo, which is the collection of stars he has on his neck. He explained: “The stars on my neck don’t really mean anything, I kind of went into a tattoo shop when I was 18 and I wanted that there out the book sort of thing.”

His next tattoo is a musical note that’s just behind his ear. Luke said he got the tattoo done in Magaluf “when I was about 20, and a few of us boys got the same note.” Of all the drunken tattoos one could get a musical note is a pretty classy choice.

He went on to talk about the significance behind his biggest tattoo, which is an eagle on his chest. Luke explained that it “represents courage and power in the mind.” Yeah, I don’t fully get it either but the tattoo is pretty sick!

Lastly, Luke explained the meaning behind his two swallows that are on the sides of his stomach.

Luke said: “They symbolise loyalty. I’ve never cheated, I never would. I’ve never been in a relationship where someone has cheated on me, and I think when you’re in a relationship you should stay loyal to that person.” Why am I getting the impression Luke is still trying to defend himself from the bank robbery comment?!

And just to reiterate in case you didn’t get the memo, Luke has never cheated.

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