Brooklyn 99 cast transformations

A look at the transformations of the iconic Brooklyn 99 cast 10 years after it released

Andy Samberg has obviously aged flawlessly


Can you believe our favourite comfort show Brooklyn 99 turns 10 years old this year? And that means the cast are also 10 years older than they were during the first episode of the show, and all of them have had some pretty major transformations!

So, from growing out their hair and getting a massive beard to 100 per cent having made a deal with the devil so they don’t age, what does the iconic cast of Brooklyn 99 look like now?

Jake Peralta – Andy Samberg

I didn’t realise how much of a baby face Andy Samberg has, because in that picture he is 35. He could honestly pass for being in his early twenties. Seeing him with a salt-and-pepper beard has me feeling a lot of emotions.

Amy Santiago – Melissa Fumero

Melissa has always been stunning and honestly, she’s barely aged a day since appearing in her first episode of Brooklyn 99. Every single member of the Brooklyn 99 cast has had such gorgeous transformations.

Stephanie Beatriz – Rosa Diaz

Stephanie really nailed the grungy look in Brooklyn 99, but it’s nice to see her with a fresher look! Her hair is giving me major envy, someone stop me before I book a haircut appointment.

Chelsea Peretti – Gina Linetti

We all need a Gina in our lives and Chelsea played her role perfectly, to the point where I think she was just being herself. And it looks like Chelsea is writing the rulebook on how to somehow look even better as you age.

Terry Crews – Terry Jeffords

Someone on Twitter said Terry Crews looks like an insanely buff raisin and I really see it. Terry was already buff in Brooklyn 99, but since finishing the show he’s somehow had a further fitness transformation. A reminder to everyone this man is a whole 55 years of age.


Joe Lo Truglio – Charles Boyle

Who doesn’t want a best friend like Boyle? Joe looks a little older, but it’s still got that vibe of someone who would be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. We love to see it.

Joel McKinnon Miller – Norm Scully

The longer hair and beard on Joel are not the transformation I was expecting, but it actually looks so good on him! Feel like he could play someone in one of those end-of-the-world apocalypse-style movies.

Dirk Blocker – Michael Hitchcock

It makes my soul happy that he’s definitely someone’s very adorable grandpa.

Marc Evan Jackson – Kevin Cozner

Yeah so alongside basically playing the devil in The Good Place, Marc 100 per cent has made a deal with him because this man has not aged one day. That hair is still so perfectly groomed.

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