are joao and tzarina still together

So, what happened between Below Deck Down Under’s Tzarina and Joao after they left the boat?

Tzarina said she saw Joao’s ‘true colours’ when he came to Palma to with her

It’s almost a guarantee that with every season of Below Deck there will be some sort of boat romance, or boatmance if you will, and the latest season of Below Deck Down Under was no different.

Joao and Tzarina were an unlikely match on the latest season after Tzarina made it very clear her feelings towards the second officer from when he stopped on the boat.

Joao joined the boat half way through the season, replacing bosun Luke after he was fired by Captain Jason. The British chef soon soon revealed that she already knew Joao as he had dated her friend and she had dated his.

Despite declaring that Joao was not in her good books at all, a romance soon blossomed between the pair before it came crashing down on their first date where Tzarina branded the South African deckie as “fake”.

The final episode saw Joao and Tzarina decide to call it quits on their short lived romance after Joao reverted to his old ways and kissed Margot on a crew night out.

Despite this, Tzarina has since revealed on line that Joao did actually come with her to Palma, where she lives in Spain, however he soon revealed his “true colours”.

In an Instagram story captioned “The reason I called him fake”, Tzarina said: “So I know I need to speak about Joao and it was a really toxic situation and I should have listened to my gut from the beginning but I didn’t because when we filmed he was absolutely incredible.

“I never actually heard him say he liked me, he only said it in the green screen I guess when he was filming a year later, he never said it to me.

“He said he wanted to be casual because he was meeting up with a girl after the season in Sydney and that I had to be okay with that and I was [okay with that] so I was like ‘yeah, casual, casual’ and then unfortunately as soon as the cameras stopped the real him came out and the manipulation and the narcissism and the gas lighting.

“I fell for it for a while and he came back to Palma with me and yeah it got bad but it’s all in the past now, these things happen I guess unfortunately.”

And on the topic of how her friend found the whole situation, Tzarina continued: “I’ve been asked a lot about my friend who dated Joao. So, I was in communication with her the whole time.

“When I came back to Palma with Joao she said she would see me one to one but not with him around. And, unfortunately, because of all the gaslighting on his behalf to me I believed a lot of his crazy stories.

“But then when I saw his true colours my friend and I were absolutely best friends again and she was so supportive and amazing. I feel so lucky to have her.”

Whilst the pair have stayed in touch with the rest of the crew from the season, Joao and Tzarina do not follow each other on Instagram.

The Tab has contacted Joao Franco for comment.

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