Buckle in, here’s the definitive ranking of every MAFS cheating scandal

It’s getting messy already this season

Despite marriage being the key component in MAFS, that doesn’t seem to stop the cast members from exploring other options and cheating on each other. From Ella Morgan already cheating on Nathaniel Valentino, to April Banbury making out with a complete stranger on her honeymoon with George Roberts, here’s the definitive ranking of every MAFS cheating scandal.

4. Jordon Mundell and Megan Wolfe

Jordon and Megan appeared on the 2021 series of MAFS UK. Megan was paired with Bob Voysey, but the match was doomed from the start with the two having zero chemistry, and Megan almost immediately friend-zoning Bob. We’ve all been there.

Fellow couple Jordon and Alexis Ecounomou weren’t a good match either, with them constantly arguing. After meeting Megan at the first dinner party, Jordon openly admitted that she was far more his type than Alexis was.

At the first commitment ceremony, Jordan dropped the bombshell that he and Megan had secretly shared a kiss behind Bob and Alexis’ back, which left Bob sobbing. Jordon and Alexis opted to leave the experiment, but Bob and Megan decided to stay and try to get their relationship back on track. In the end, they parted as friends.

3. April Banbury and George Roberts

April and George appeared on MAFS just last year, and at first, seemed like a great fit for each other. But it all went wrong when the two went on their honeymoon to Jamaica, and April ended up kissing another woman in a hot tub as part of a dare.

George described how he felt “numb and cold” after he found out, saying how it was “heartbreaking and a massive kick in the teeth. She’s been intimate with somebody else. I’ve been cheated on.”

April felt like George had massively overreacted, and whilst the two managed to stay together until the end of the show, they split shortly afterwards.

2. Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray

There was clearly something in the air last season, because Whitney cheated on her husband Duka Cavolli with Matt, who was married to Gemma Rose.

All the couples went on a retreat together, and there was instant chemistry and flirtation between Matt and Whitney. Ultimately the two ended up sleeping together at the retreat, literally under the same roof as their partners.

When the betrayal was exposed it didn’t go down well, with a heartbroken Gemma busting into tears and hurling abuse at them over the dinner table. The experts agreed to let Matt and Whitney continue in the experiment as a couple, against the wishes of their fellow castmates.

The two then declared their love for each other, but by the time the reunion came around their relationship was over. Since the show Whitney has gone on to say she regrets her relationship with Matt, “I don’t regret how I carried myself but I do really regret being with Matthew. I think I would have been better off going home, but I ran with my feelings, so it is what it is!”

1. Ella Morgan and Nathaniel Valentino

The award for cheating the quickest and causing the most amount of drama has to go to Ella, who less than one week into the new season of MAFS starting has already caused some arguments with her behaviour.

Ella shared a passionate kiss with another contestant who enters the experiment at a later date behind Nathanial’s back, despite them committing to each other on their wedding day. The revelation rocked the cast and Ella’s relationship with Nathanial was left in tatters.

A TV source said, “There’s no denying that Ella and Nathanial were instantly attracted to each other the day of their wedding. But Ella’s natural type is a straight man with masculine energy so one of the other grooms ticked more of her boxes. She didn’t want to hurt Nathanial or go against the process because being part of the show means so much to her. Ella was looking for love and with the other groom, he adores her body and mind, and they had a much better chance of enjoying a long-lasting relationship together.”

Something tells me this season might just be the most messy yet.

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