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Everything we know about the Daniel Khalife lookalike everyone’s thirsting over on Twitter

Erm, Horatio – are you single?

Yesterday, news of a male train passenger being handcuffed by police after being mistakenly identified as recently escaped fugitive Daniel Khalife circulated online. The now viral video with over two million shows, shows officers speaking to the handcuffed man, who looks similar to the escaped 21-year-old, but it’s gone viral for more reasons than you’d think.

Officers swooped on the man at Banbury station in Oxfordshire, a fair distance away from the prison break in London. They then obviously realised he was not the fugitive soldier who escaped HMP Wandsworth strapped to the underneath of a delivery van disguised as a chef, but was instead a Daniel Khalife lookalike.

Since then, the poor lad has found the funny side and has commented on the ordeal, and the internet has gone wild. Not only because of this being possibly one of the most unfortunate things to happen on your regular Thursday – but also because he’s pretty good looking too.

The incident, caught on camera by a member of the public, shows police surrounding the man after he was mistaken for the escapee by another passenger, who alerted the police. The unfortunate Daniel Khalife lookalike, Horatio, has since created an account on X (formally named Twitter) explaining the situation and sharing his side of the story. What’s the crime, officers, other than him having a dangerously sharp jawline?

So, what exactly do we know about this man?

At the moment, the most we’ve been able to determin about this mysterious man that he’s a laugh, he lives in London, and he has an incredible jawline. Most of the people in his X replies have already fallen in love with him and are asking him to drop the rest of his socials – so watch this space. We are working tireless to find out more, and most importantly to determine if he is single.

Horatio explained how a woman mistook him for the escapee Daniel Khalife, and after 20 minutes of questions and “some gd banter”, he proved he wasn’t the escapee with a finger print scan. Like, what?

Not only is the incident blowing up in the news, but social media are going bonkers over Horatio’s handsome looks. Not only is it bad enough he was mistakenly arrested, but he’s now got the whole of Twitter chasing him for his phone number. 

And so, if you need any more evidence of the tailspin X has gotten itself into over this man, here’s a bunch of extremely thirsty reactions to him:

Horatio claims the only thing he is actually guilty of is flirting with the officers who were present.

If Horatio was the least bit traumatised by his arrest and subsequent de-arrest, I’m sure a quick swipe through his X direct messages is enough to brighten his mood. He also liked a tweet about starting an only fans so he’s clearly loving the spotlight. Watch this space.

We will update this article with information on Horatio as we have it.

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