If you did 19/24 of these things during summer you’re officially too posh to function

It’s time for you poshos to be exposed

With Britain’s not so sunny summer coming to a rapid end, it’s time to look back at what posh plans you were getting up to. You’ve had three months to forget uni exists and live your summer dream. Whether you’ve sipped endless cocktails, paid for front row seats at every concert or haven’t even spent a day in England, you’re only posh if you have ticked off 19/24 of these things.

Best believe you’re getting judged on this one. Will you embrace the fact that you radiate mega Tory energy or simply refuse to accept it?

1. Bought a double at Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza has become the holiday purely for Instagram influencers and celebs, welcoming the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and regulars such as Chloe Ferry. And it’s prices truly reflect its customers. I’ll just stick to two doubles for a fiver in Magaluf, thanks.

2. Cruised around the world

Whether you have explored the Greek islands, been a tourist in Barcelona or relaxed on the Miami beaches, it’s set you back a few thousand this summer. But you’ve barely noticed a change to your bank account, and have already paid for next year’s trip.

3. Travelled around Europe

Rather than roughing it backpacking round Europe, jumping from hostel to hostel, you’ve lived it up in the snazziest five star hotels, with 24 hour room service to accommodate all your needs.

4. Retired to your second home

Ahh the luxury of escaping this hell hole for the whole of summer. Let’s face it, the second you’re bored of being in England you just hop on your private jet and fly away to your villa in Spain. You’re waiting for the day when that luxury house will be passed onto you. You already have plans to retire there when you’re older.

5. Went ‘glamping’ at a festival

The chaos of the bank holiday festival season comes to an end. If you paid that bit extra for glamping last weekend, you certainly have some bank. You probably also think you are better than the rest of us who have to rough it with mud slides, tents on fire and the annual disappearance of Alan.

6. Still let your parents fund your holiday

You still play the child card and persuaded your parents to fund all your holidays.

7. Attended a wedding abroad

This wasn’t just any wedding, but a trip only for the rich.

8. You went on your jet ski

You can’t stop bragging about owning a jet ski. Get over it.

9. You held a house party while your parents went abroad

You had the mansion to yourself so obviously threw the biggest party of the year

10. Had a mid week dinner at the Ivy

You could never imagine cooking a meal for yourself, daily wining and dining is the way to go.

posh summer

11. Been on more than three holidays

You’ve basically travelled to every country at this point

posh summer

12. Already booked your Christmas holiday

You always need your next holiday booked to remind yourself you’re not trapped in one country

posh summer

13. Driven to the Lake District

You probably took your vintage car out for a weekend away in the lakes. Log cabins and pure peacefulness.

14. Visited a spa

Your life is way too stressful not having to worry about money. You have my sympathy.

15. Went to America

You still believe it’s the land of dreams

posh summer

16. Changed your room decor for uni

Out with the old, in with the new. This is a yearly must for you.

17. Clothes shopped at Selfridges

You will only ever wear designer outfits. What’s Vinted?

18. Treated yourself to some jewellery

Real gold and silver, of course.

posh summer

19. Sat front row at a concert

It’s front row or you simply refuse to go.

posh summer

20. Worked in your dad’s company

Not long until you become CEO of his business.

21. Shopped at John Lewis’ uni range

If you know, you know.

22. Had your hair done at least three times

You’ve become addicted to paying other people to style your hair.

posh summer

23. Watched Barbie in your private cinema

And turned it into the ultimate pink themed slumber party.

24. You’ve lost count of the number of afternoon tea’s you’ve had

A glass of fizz, a scone or two and delicate sandwiches are your soft spot.

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