From partying to revising: Here’s what your summer 2023 plans say about your overall vibe

What do you mean you didn’t consider backpacking around Asia?

Nothing beats the three months of freedom us students have every year. It’s the best time to travel, try something new, or even just work back to back and get hella rich. If only we could live life like we do during summer all year round. Your summer 2023 plans actually say a lot about your overall vibe. But now with summer coming to an end,  not that England has really even had a summer, we are fast approaching the all too familiar world of deadlines and last minute revision. So before we have to accept reality, why not reflect back on all the vibey summer memories we’ve made, because however you chose to spend your summer 2023 actually says a lot about your overall vibe and who you are as a person. And how deep you are into your overdraft.

Here’s exactly what your summer 2023 plans say about your overall vibe:

You worked non-stop

You’re focussed, mature and were determined to make money during the three months of summer. You already secured a job before summer started, and have worked like a nine-to-five adult everyday. You have ambitious plans for the future, and will put your hard earned money into savings. Hats off to you, not everyone is that organised.

You travelled to basically every continent

summer 2023 plans overall vibe

I can’t be the only one whose TikTok is full of travelling content. I feel like my life won’t be complete until I have backpacked round Asia. If you have travelled this summer, you’ve followed the flow, but that isn’t a bad thing. You’re brave, daring and realise you’re only young once and want to make the most of your youth. Extra points if you solo travelled, that’s impressive.

You spent half of August on a mates holiday

summer 2023 plans overall vibe

Everyone has to experience this at least once in their life. It was probably your first holiday with your friends, with no parents controlling you. This was your time to go absolutely feral. You weren’t sober at any point on the trip, each day blurred into one and you became the ultimate party animal. What happens on a mates holiday, stays on a mates holiday. The holiday blues you get once home from these trips last a lifetime and going back to normal life just isn’t the same. This trip has made you re-evaluate your whole life, as you consider working abroad and partying 24/7. You’re spontaneous, daring and the life of the party. Let’s face it, you lived a sensible life before going on this trip and now realise what you are truly capable of.

You ventured on a European getaway

You love the boujie life and never say no to dinner plans. You would rather splash out on a cute trip to a European city, sip cocktails and eat their local cuisine than rough it in Benidorm. And honestly, I don’t blame you. If you’ve been saving up the money, why not treat yourself? You deserve it. Plus, European men are something else. There I said it.

You spent the time re-sitting exams

I feel for you. Although it’s probably your fault from forgetting you were at uni for a degree, not just for socialising. You are the type of person that is way too chill and leaves everything to the last minute. You will probably end up writing your diss 24 hours before it’s due and won’t learn from your mistakes. You haven’t even had a summer. But it soon will all be worth it… I hope.

You’re humble and stayed in your uni city

summer 2023 plans overall vibe

If you’ve got this far and are still wondering how your summer 2023 plans relate to your overall vibe, you’re probably not vibing much. If you’re staying in your uni city, you have either fallen in love with the place and can’t be apart from it, or you’re paying more than your loan for your ransacked uni house. Either way, you have become a pro at navigating your way round the city, and are now the go-to tour guide for all your friends who still barely know where they live. To some of you landlords out there, I hate you for making us students pay rent during summer. If this is the reason you stayed, you are the type of person to get the absolute most out of life, including getting use of the rent you are paying.

You went to every festival and spent summer sleeping in a tent

summer 2023 plans overall vibe

You waited your whole summer and saved all your money for the bank holiday weekend in August. A weekend of music, no sleep, overpriced food and basically just utter chaos. Whether you joined the search for Alan at Reading or Leeds Festivals, slid down the mud path at Creams, or were high on rave music at Boomtown, it was all worth it to see your favourite artists perform in front of you. To put it simply, you’re vibey and easily pleased.

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