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Based on your star sign alone, this is exactly which Russell Group uni you should study at

Please don’t let mine be Sheffield

If you’re into crystals, zodiac signs or believe in any form of higher being, you’ll have no doubt wondered how you ended up on the path you’re on. One thing we’ve all read into at one time or another is our own star signs, whether that being in an attempt to understand more about ourselves, or just for a laugh and to reject them completely.

While it’s normal to debate whether we picked the right friends, the right career and even the right university, the feeling we’ve made the wrong choice is sometimes hard to ignore. But perhaps we can ease the sense of dread and confusion we have when making huge life decisions like choosing where to study by trying to work out potential Russell Group uni star sign compatibility. Maybe you’re a Leo looking for a uni full of character or charm, or a Taurus looking to find that sweet zen. There’s a lot one can infer from about Russell Group university star sign compatibilities, so buckle up and prepare to feel enlightened.

This is which Russell Group uni you should have gone to based on your star sign:

Aries – University of Cambridge

The first sign of the zodiac, those who are Aries star signs just have to be first. Not one to accept second place, those born between March 21st and April 19th should definitely have gone to Cambridge. Their confidence and ambition in throwing themselves into challenging and competitive situations makes for a perfect match with the demanding environment at University of Cambridge. They always make sure they always come out on top and would fit in with the lifestyle down there just grand.

Taurus – University of Edinburgh

Recognised for their draw towards serene, rural environments, Taurus’ definitely vibe the most with Edinburgh Uni. The Scottish capital is known for its beautiful Old Town campus, but is equally surrounded by tranquil green spaces like Holyrood Park and the Royal Botanic Garden. The soothing and succulent aromas and flavours favoured by the Taurus can be found within Edinburgh’s traditional pubs and cosy cafes, making this uni the perfect match.

Gemini – University of Leeds

Geminis are notoriously known for their spontaneous, playful and erratic personalities. Driven by insatiable curiosity, this busy star sign should definitely have gone to Leeds. That’s because the northern powerhouse is known for its mix of cultural events and festivals and has a lively and diverse student population. Leeds’ night life, as well as arts and culture, would be the best match for a Gemini.

Cancer – University of Warwick

russell group uni zodiac sign

University of Warwick is the place to be for those of you who are Cancers. That’s because Warwick Uni’s approach is focussed on research and innovative programmes. The high intuition of the Cancer sign meshes well with Warwick’s ability to respond and adapt to new trends in the academic field. This adaptability makes it the perfect uni to vibe with Cancers, which are notorious for their need to ebb and flow through life.

Leo – Durham University

russell group uni zodiac sign

Leos would fit in nowhere better than Durham University. Known for their passionate, loyal and infamously dramatic persona, they could find no better university city than here. Not only are they vivacious and fiery, they’re also theatrical, meaning the dramatic architecture and history up there will feed their hunger for the spotlight just the right amount. What’s more, the colleges of Durham provide just the right amount of pride Leo’s love to show off when celebrating themselves.

Virgo – University of Nottingham

The Virgo mantra is all about commitment and consistency. That’s why they should only go to Uni of Nottingham, where their logical and systematic approach to life would go so nicely with the green, laid back campus lifestyle there. Historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, Virgos feel right at home here, with the lakes and green hills speaking directly to their connection to the earth. They’re also perfectionists and strive to improve through practice, making Nottingham’s strong academic reputation the perfect match.

Libra – Cardiff University

Libras embody balance, harmony and justice. Represented by the scales, Libras are focussed on keeping things equal. Cardiff is the perfect city when it comes to balance and equilibrium across all areas of life. Cardiff Uni offers a perfectly even mix of chaos and contentment for students, with cheap price of living and enough good vibes in Cathays to make you want to stay after graduation.

Scorpio – Newcastle University

Recognised for being widely misunderstood, Scorpios vibe hard with Newcastle University. That’s because they both possess hidden personalities and are often taken only for face value. With tendencies to use emotional energy as fuel, Scorpios should goto Newcastle University, where they’re able to harness and best use the high energy environment around them. Being elusive and mysterious, the Toon is the perfect city to explore their personality.

Sagittarius – University of Manchester

russell group uni zodiac sign

The sign recognised for knowing no bounds, Sagittarius’ are hungry for knowledge. But this isn’t limited to academia, with spiritual adventures being an equally important journey on their quest. Matching this energy perfectly is the University of Manchester, with just the right mix of intellectual and academic pursuit and strong identity. Not to mention the depths of Fallowfield and the epic tales of what goes down there.

Capricorn – University of Liverpool

While often overlooked, the University of Liverpool would make the perfect match for Capricorns. That’s because their patience, perseverance and dedication to their task is noted in their steady persona, which vibes just right with the approach to academia at Liverpool Uni. They’re also represented by the sea-goat, and if you’re going to find that anywhere in the country then it’ll be Liverpool.

Aquarius – University of Exeter

Aquarius’ should strive to study down in the south-west. That’s due to them being the most humanitarian astrological sign and being known for their dedication to making the world a better place, which ties in nicely with the Uni of Exeter’s strong sustainable image. The innovative and progressive nature of the Aquarius and their representation by the water bearer would make life by the sea in Exeter perfectly quaint and fulfilling.

Pisces – University of Bristol

The most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic sign of the entire zodiac could go nowhere else but Bristol. The final Russell Group uni star sign match, Pisces should head south. Not only does this city offer the perfect mix of comfort and edge, the work hard, play hard mantra held by students at the Uni of Bristol perfectly embodies the Pisces’ focus on the world as both fantasy and reality. The symbol of the swimming fish also screams Bristol harbour. I don’t make the rules, sorry.

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