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From Fearless to 1989: Every Taylor’s Version rerecording by Taylor Swift, ranked

The Vault tracks on Red changed the trajectory of my life


Taylor Swift undergoing her unprecedented venture to rerecord her first six albums in order to own her masters and break from the chains of Scooter Braun has been a music industry shaking success. Nobody knew how this would come out, but only a fool would denounce it now we’ve heard half of the planned journey. All of the Taylor’s Version Taylor Swift albums bring a new level of depth and artistry to classic albums fans have stanned for over a decade, with a batch of Vault tracks that build on the album’s legacies even further. But which is best? Here are all the Taylor’s Version albums by Taylor Swift so far, ranked from worst to best.

4. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

The fan favourite original’s Taylor’s Version is sadly the one ranked last – of all the Taylor Swift albums here anyway, Speak Now is just not as good. The issue with Speak Now for me is that the source material is so teen like it just doesn’t slap as hard on rerelease. But my personal less-than-enthusiastic relationship with Speak Now aside, the Vault tracks here are by far the worst of all the records so far and make it feel like an anticlimax. The Hayley Williams feature was a missed opportunity.

3. 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

Of all the Taylor’s Versions, it’s 1989 I have been most excited for. Does it live up to the original? Of course! It’s still a pop bible – her best straight up pop record and one go the best albums ever made. I don’t like the new version of Welcome To New York and the Vault tracks sound more like Midnights leftovers than huge pop from the 1989 era, but some tracks here like Wildest Dreams and This Love are even better than the original.

2. Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

The thing with Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and why it’s so good is that it literally made me a fan of the record. I cherish it, and before this rerelease I only really bothered with the singles. Because it was the first Taylor’s Version Taylor Swift released ranked here, it was kind of the benchmark and blueprint for if this whole endeavour was going to pay off. And it REALLY paid off. Everything feels so lifted, elevated and more finely tuned and her vocals are unbelievable.

The Vault tracks bring so much to the table, too. I can’t imagine my life without Mr Perfectly Fine in it. Joe Jonas was shaking.

1. Red (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift Version ranked

Even before it got a Taylor’s Version, for many Red was THEE definitive Taylor Swift album and most diehard fans would get it ranked at the top of their lists. With Red (Taylor’s Version), Red becomes a compendium of essentials new and old, the true textbook Taylor album with all the highs and lows that comes with. The Vault tracks here are a cut above, even before we get to the majesty of All Too Well (10 Minute Version). Truly the peak of the rereleases.


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