All the friends who have stuck by Phillip Schofield since his public downfall

He has recently been seen for the first time since the affair dining with friends

Before his very public come down, it’s fair to say that Phillip Schofield was a popular guy. After the nitty gritty of his affair came to light, some celebs were quick to scorn the This Morning presenter whilst others showed their support and stood by their friend. Since his departure from the ITV show, Phillip has been keeping a low profile but in recent weeks has emerged from his hiding place to dine with friends demonstrating that he very much still has a support him around him.

In the very thick of the scandal Phillip admitted in an interview that had “lost his best friend” in Holly Willoughby who has remained quiet about the affair during her annual summer break from the show. So, without Holly there to fight his corner, who is? Here are all the friends who have stuck by Phillip Schofield since his public scandal:

Phillip went for dinner with Vanessa Feltz

phillip schofield friends

via ITV

Two weeks ago, Phillip Schofield was seen out for dinner with long-time friend Vanessa Feltz. The pair were spotted by the Daily Mail hugging outside West London restaurant Little Bird.

Vanessa, now a host on TalkTV, has been publicly vocal of her support for Phillip during the whole affair. Back in June, she said: “I’m absolutely devastated on behalf of everyone. I’ve always been good friends with Holly and Phil, I’ve been on that show for years and years. I just feel very sorry for anybody who’s been hurt or implicated in what’s happened. I hope the show will continue.”

Rochelle Humes called Phillip a ‘fountain of love’

The Saturday’s Rochelle Humes and Phillip have been friends for about five years and became close when they co-presented This Morning together in 2018. Phillip apparently requested that get Rochelle get the gig to replace Holly when she was away presenting I’m A Celebrity alongside Dec whilst Ant took some time off.

Following on from his departure from This Morning, Rochelle thanked Phillip on Instagram for their time working together: “I’ve proudly been a part of the This Morning family for almost 10 years and over the last few, it has been an absolutely pleasure learning so much from you. Thanks for all the lessons – you’re a fountain of love, knowledge and laughter.”

Phillip has been seen with his daughter Ruby

Shortly after admitting to his “unwise but not illegal” affair, Phillip was seen being driven by his ITV driver with his daughter Ruby sat next to him on the back seat. Whilst Ruby has been their for her dad, Schofe’s oldest daughter Molly, who works for her dad’s former agency YMU, has not publicly acknowledged his affair or been seen with him.

Clodagh McKenna expressed how much she’ll miss Phil

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna has been friendly with Phil the three years they overlapped on This Morning. Clodagh still has nothing but positive words to say about Schofe and mourned his departure from the show on Instagram, saying: “I’ll miss the morning hug, the twinkle in your eye that makes me giggle and your empathy.”

Dermot O’Leary called Phillip his friend

via @schofe on Instagram

Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond presented This Morning together after Phil’s affair came to light and before Holly returned. Whilst initial remaining quiet about the scandal, he admitted on the ITV show: “This has been very difficult for us to cover this story as he’s a friend and a colleague.”

Alison Hammond shared how much she loves Phillip

In the same instant as Dermot, Alison Hammond also shared, whilst tearing up, how she feels about Phillip and how the news of his affair had affected her. She said: “Obviously, I loved Phillip Schofield. And it’s weird because I still love Phillip Schofield. However, what he’s done is wrong. He’s admitted it. He’s said sorry. But as a family, we’re all really struggling to process everything.”

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