Versatile Blue Razz

Meet Versatile: The chaotic Irish rap duo who’ve gone viral on TikTok with Blue Razz

Blasting out Pon De Replay and touring with Snoop Dogg

My For You Page has currently been taken siege by what might actually be the catchiest rap verse of all time. If you don’t know what I’m on about, I feel sorry for you. “You can’t throw me looks like that in the club requesting songs off a DJ / In the back of a Japanese robbed yoke, blasting out Pon De Replay” … has a verse ever grabbed your attention so viciously than this one, bellowed out in the thickest Dublin accent you could ever hope to hear in your life. Introducing Versatile – the Irish rap duo behind Blue Razz, the song that’s got every sexy lad on your TikTok in a chokehold.

Who are Versatile?

Versatile are a duo from Ringsend in Dublin, and consist of Casey ‘Casper’ Walsh and Alex Sheehan, who raps under the name Eskimo Supreme. They’ve racked up a hefty Irish following with bangers like 2018’s Ketamine, that is closing on 10 million Spotify streams and counting. They’ve hit the FYP hard with their latest single Blue Razz, an ode to the most chaotic night out of your life and one which’s chorus is dedicated to the definitive flavour of disposable vapes. “Blue razz, blue razz, lemonade vape in the gob”… etc, etc.

The two are active on socials but rarely give interviews. The latest viral moment they’ve got with Blue Razz means they’re hard to avoid, and the single is climbing the UK Chart – debuting at 16 on the Independent Singles rundown.

I don’t think a song has ever quite summed up my embarrassing addiction to vapes like this and I know full well I’m going to be blasting it all summer. Versatile are going places too – they’ve opened for rap legends like Snoop Dogg and Coolio on tour. Versatile have been active since 2018 and have done well for themselves, but the virality of Blue Razz makes it feel like it’s about to go up a notch for the lads.

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