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Find out once and for all what your Ken job would be with this Barbie quiz

To beach or not to beach

Barbie has had the whole entire world in a chokehold. Not Ken though, he’s just Ken. Whether you saw it on the opening weekend with a Barbenheimer double bill, went in the weeks after or are simply consuming the content online, it’s safe to say that we’re all a little bit obsessed with the pink, embellished world of Barbie. Pink is working its way into corporate wear, people are bleaching their hair within an inch of its life and absolutely everyone is contemplating what they were made for. Honestly, I can’t get enough.

Some of the biggest discourse to come out of the Barbie movie online was of Ken’s job. As we’re all very much aware by now, Ken’s job is just Beach and this got the Barbie’s of TikTok debating what their real-like Ken’s job would be if he lived in Barbie Land. Whilst not all Kens can have a fun, himbo job like Beach, they do all come with cute little accessories; whether that be a laptop, a surfboard, fancy suit or even just a firm hand shake. Unlike Barbie Land though, the patriarchy is alive and well in the real world so all Ken jobs come with a side of mansplaining. So, if you’ve wondered what your Barbie movie Ken job would be, take this quiz to find out:

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