PinkPantheress songs ranked

From Just For Me to Angel, here’s every PinkPantheress banger ranked

The boy’s a liarrrr

When people think back on the sound of British pop in the decade of the 2020s, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to state that PinkPantheress will be heralded as one of the most influential and important. From her almost instant breakthrough in 2021, shrouded in mystery and persona and with a rise up through TikTok, Vicky Beverly Walker has carved out a sound for herself that’s built on Y2K nostalgia taking a step into her own personal brand of futurism. When people who just don’t get it tut at short song lengths, they’re tutting at her impact. 20 songs into her career, and going from music scene darling favourite to Barbie movie soundtrack featuring mainstream, here’s all the PinkPantheress bangers so far ranked.

20. Turn Your Phone Off

PinkPantheress’ latest single is a reworking of an old one that lurked in her unreleased catalogue, a team up with Destroy Lonely who comes on with an autotuned verse that sounds more dated than it does fresh. I dunno about this one – just feels like PP by numbers to me.

19. Noticed I Cried

Most PinkPantheress songs are short, but this one from her mini album To Hell With It feels like it doesn’t do enough with its short runtime to stay memorable

18. Nineteen

I know it’s a bit confusing to read Nineteen at number 18, but roll with it – blame The Pantheress for naming it so. This is the longest song on To Hell With It and for a PinkPantheress song it’s pretty relaxed and lowkey. I just wish I loved it more. I feel like it just washes over me every time I stream it.

17. All My Friends Know

No PinkPantheress song is a flop, but I feel like with this entry into her songs ranked everything kicks up a notch in quality. I love the summery beat to this one as she coos lines built around a ‘No worries if not’ attitude.

16. Way Back (with Skrillex and Trippie Redd)

PinkPantheress elevates this Skrillex song to new heights with her signature flow. It’s the second collab between PP and Skrillex after the latter produced her single Where You Are last year, and whilst it doesn’t go quite as hard as that it’s still a really fun entry in her discography.

15. bbycakes (with Mura Masa, Lil Uzi Vert and Shygirl)

This collab should have been Lady Marmalade for annoying people, but never quite reaches the heights of its amazing lineup of artists on board. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun refresh of the iconic Baby Cakes, the 2004 garage classic and only single release from 3 of a Kind.

14. Reason

A deeply confessional cut from To Hell With It that feels wonderfully introspective. I think sometimes the impressive style and energy of a PinkPantheress song overshadows the writing, but listen to her pen here and there’s a genius at work.

13. Break It Off

One of PinkPantheress’ first of many viral TikTok moments, this was the first ever cut from To Hell With It and features a sampling of Adam F’s track Circles. The stop start of the breakdown is just utterly addictive.

12. Where You Are

PinkPantheress sampling Paramore? Oh you BET. I don’t love WILLOW’s vocals and as usual they’re abrasive on this track, but everything else is so delicious it’s easily forgiven. A wonderful genre fusion.

11. Passion

From the iconic Windows screensaver single artwork, you know you’re in for a ride. Passion is one of those seminal songs from early on in PP’s career where she still felt like a full on mystery – the definition of bedroom produced pop at its finest.

10. I Must Apologise

I think maybe the second or third song I ever heard from PinkPantheress, and the perfect way to kick off the top 10 of her songs ranked. The hefty Gypsy Woman sampling is literally euphoric.

9. Last Valentines

Utterly underrated. I am such a sucker for PinkPantheress’ vocals on a heavier guitar instrumental, and sampling Linkin Park here just goes off. One of the least streamed on To Hell With It, which I think is nothing short of a travesty.

8. Pain

When you click play on an album and get smacked in the face with a sampling of Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude you know you’re in for a blast. And Pain is a blast. It’s kind of everything PinkPantheress is all about – a kind of instant rush of familiar nostalgia meets her modern lyrical style and flow. Just brilliant.

7. Picture In My Mind

The best of the two standalone singles of 2022 – this team up feels like a hazy spin through the waltzers at the fairground. It just sweeps you away, and has a long length too considering the artist.

6. Attracted To You

You’d be hard pressed to find a happier one minute and eight seconds anywhere else on Spotify.

5. Take Me Home

I will defend the Take Me Home EP til the end of time, especially after the pretty lukewarm Pitchfork review. Three of her best songs in a nice little trio bundle? Oh yes please. Take Me Home is the closer and it feels like a blast of sunshine, frenetic beats and energetic vocals.

4. Do You Miss Me?

The hi-hiya melody of this song is simply one of the greatest contributions to pop PinkPantheress has done yet.

3. Angel

If you’ve been a fan since the first breakthrough of PinkPantheress, seeing her have the literal best song on a pretty banging soundtrack for one of the biggest films ever is absolutely insane. Angel, with its Bloodpop production and The Corrs-esque strings is one of the most original bangers of 2023 and if this isn’t in your top 10 of the year so far I dunno what planet you’re living on.

2. Boy’s A Liar

Whether it’s the solo version or the pop culture shattering monolith that is the Ice Spice remix, for many this will be THEE PinkPantheress song. It’s her first huge global hit, and it deserves every bit of its success. It feels like the perfect fusion of UK and US up and coming talent and despite the fact it’s been out since January I’m still yet to find a mood where I want to skip it. Huge banger.

1.  Just For Me

Inspired by Eminem’s Stan and a desire to make a song that sounded like a Craig David garage rammer, Just For Me is the best song about stalking since The Police’s Every Breath You Take and easily the best song in an immaculte discography of PinkPantheress songs ranked here. Its sugary vocals and sinister lyrical content over the garage beat is just perfection – every publication who had this amongst the best songs of 2021 was so real. A classic.


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