‘I definitely need to talk to Tink’: Leah and Montel speak out after leaving Love Island 2023

They’ve also shared their ‘extravagant plans’ for outside the villa

Last night continued the dumping drama on Love Island 2023, and in the end Leah and Montel were sent packing. After thinking Catherine and Elom were going to be the only ones to leave, the villa was shook to find out a second couple had been voted out, and Leah and Montel were chosen as least compatible.

When they left, the Islanders were really shocked. Kady called it a joke that Scott and Amber stayed in the villa as friends, when Leah and Montel are actually pursuing something romantically. Leah and Montel themselves have said they were very shocked by the vote, given they have a genuine connection.

Here’s everything Leah and Montel have said, following being dumped from Love Island 2023.

Leah and Montel on Love Island 2023

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How do Leah and Montel feel to be leaving the Love Island villa?

Montel described leaving Love Island as “bittersweet” but said he’s happy to do so alongside Leah. “It’s a bit disappointing with the way that we left but I am happy because I am leaving with Leah and a strong connection,” he said.

“It’s hard to be sad when I am leaving with her. We clicked straight away. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to do the journey with. It’s safe to say we have had a great journey so far.”

Leah added that she’s feeling “mixed emotions” and said: “I went in there to find a connection and I’m leaving with one, which is such a positive. I wish we had a bit more time together in the villa but overall it’s been such an amazing experience.”

She said she was shocked by the public’s decision, and added: “I would’ve liked to think the public were able to see what I felt but I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion which is fair enough.”

Leah and Montel on Love Island 2023

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What’s next for Leah and Montel?

Montel said he and Leah have “full intentions of making things work” and “will try to see each other as much as we can”. He added: “Being outside is obviously different to being in the villa but we have been pretty plain sailing. Our communication level is high and we’ll be able to get through anything that comes in front of us.”

Leah said: “We’ve discussed the dates we want to go on because we never had one in the villa. We have made a list, we are going to go on some nice dinners and then some more extravagant plans. We want to go skydiving and scuba diving, we both love an adventure so looking forward to all of that fun stuff.”

Right, is there any bad blood after Casa Amor?

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One of the biggest dramas during Casa Amor this year was Montel exploring a connection with Tink, so much so she believed he was going to couple up with her. Of course, Leah hadn’t spoken to any of the boys in the new villa, and came back alone.

So, how does Montel feel about Tink now? “There is zero bad blood between myself and Tink, she’s a really cool girl,” he said. “We’ll definitely talk when I get out and catch up. It was nice getting to know her and the other girls but obviously my connection with Leah was just too strong.”

Leah added: “We had a little Casa situation to navigate but you can never build anything without going through challenges. It was a bump in the road which we managed to overcome.”

When asked if the Casa “situation” made her doubt things with Montel, Leah said it was “tricky” because they both went into it open. “For me the issue wasn’t what happened, it was the way in which it was handled which made me question our connection,” she said.

Who do Leah and Montel think will win Love Island 2023?

Leah and Montel on Love Island 2023

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Montel said the couple he thinks is the strongest is Tyrique and Ella. “They have had a lot going on during their time in the villa, lots of ups and downs, but I feel like when you are around them you can see how much they are into each other,” he said. Leah agreed, also backing Ty and Ella to win.

Montel did add he thinks Abi and Mitch have the highest potential to have their heads turned, as he thinks Abi’s already is being by Scott. “I think she fancies him more than Mitch and every conversation she has with Scott she seems to like him more and more,” he said. Interesting!

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