Here’s how to beat rule 24 in the viral Password Game taking over TikTok right now

The hardest bit is genuinely keeping Paul alive

Sometime ago we were in a Wordle chokehold but more recently it’s all about the Password Game that is taking TikTok by storm. The game isn’t easy but those who can get far enough are all getting stuck on rule 24 of the Password Game. Here’s a rundown of how you can pass the 24th rule and make the full win.

Firstly, what is rule 24 of the Password Game?

Rule 24 of the Password Game will ask you to include the URL of a YouTube video. It sounds like an easy copy and paste job but it’s literally not easy at all. For example, you will need to find the URL of a video that is a specific length. What makes it harder is the fact it isn’t the same length for everyone so the duration will be completely random for whoever is playing at the time.

This is because the game wants you to search through YouTube for hours to find one the right length. But some videos aren’t even the same length as what is shown in the thumbnail and they might be a few seconds shorter or longer.

You also have to deal with feeding the chicken whilst all of this is going on. If Paul dies then its game over. Yes, somehow this game isn’t actually harmless fun anymore??

Here’s how you can beat the Password Game

Okay so firstly, you need to deal with this chicken. Paul comes with rule 23 and it’s your job to feed him. He eats three worms per minute and if you over or under feed him then you must start from the beginning.

It’s best to keep YouTube open and the Password Game tab open next to it. Copy and pasting three worm emojis for Paul to eat will also help. You can also specifically search YouTube for the exact video length you need and you’ll be able to find one.

You can play the Password Game here.

Keep Paul alive and remember after rule 24 you’ve got 11 more rules to go!

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