All the annoying plot holes that ruined season six of Black Mirror

They make my blood boil

Since Black Mirror season six dropped on Netflix mid June, there have been a number of plot holes people have been spotting throughout the five episodes that have well and truly riled fans up. Mostly because these could have been so easily avoided and they now just niggle in the back of your mind every time you think about them or ponder having a little rewatch. Here’s a full round up of all the season six Black Mirror plot holes fans have clocked so far.

Loch Henry streaming service plot hole

As shown in Joan Is Awful, the world of Black Mirror has a huge streaming service called Streamberry that looks and sounds and feels exactly like Netflix. The impression this gives is that Streamberry is that world’s version of Netflix, but in Loch Henry when Davis and Pia are at the pub with Stuart he talks about a murder doc on Netflix. But in the end, Davis’ film goes on to debut as a Streamberry production.

Fans on Reddit have been discussing why this is. One says “Had a theory that Netflix and Streamberry already exist in the same universe, like Netflix and Hulu, but at different times.” Another pointed out that we know Netflix exists in the show’s universe because it was in Bandersnatch and mentioned in Black Museum.

It feels odd because of how much Streamberry is clearly modelled on the aesthetic and layout of Netflix. One Black Mirror Loch Henry plot hole explanation theory that kind of validates it is that Netflix could have become outdated so Streamberry bought and took over it, focussing on the AI model shown in Joan Is Awful.

Beyond The Sea plot hole

Beyond The Sea is the most star-studded ep of the season, with Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett and Kate Mara taking lead roles in a story set in an alternate 1969 where two astronauts are up in space with replica android versions of themselves back at home on earth, where they use a key to switch their consciousness between their replica and real bodies.

This episode’s plot hole centres on the fact that the real bodies were kept in space rather than sending the replicas up there – why did we strand the humans in space when they were only needed every so often?

Mazey Day camera

Obviously, the whole plot of Mazey Day is centred around the camera because this episode is about the ethics of paparazzi culture, specifically in the early 00s when the episode is set. I mean, that’s what it’s about until the final twist. The episode centres on Bo, who at one point near the start of the episode is taking photographs of an actor having some secret romance, but here’s where the big error comes into play.

One keen Black Mirror fan with an eye for cameras pointed out “Okay this will annoy zero other people but in this black mirror episode the camera is making a noise to indicate that the autofocus is locked on but she is still moving a ring on the lens for like no reason.”

So basically, the show undermines itself greatly by having a character who’s clearly meant to be an expert photographer have no idea how to use her own camera properly. The plot hole in Black Mirror Mazey Day is all the confirmation I need to say this episode should have been left on the writer’s room floor.

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