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‘I instantly regretted it’: Adam reveals his side of the cheating scandal on MAFS Australia

‘Janelle if you’re listening, I am sorry that I kissed Claire’

Adam Seed has finally told his side of the cheating scandal that took place during season 10 of Married at First Sight Australia. The cast have only recently got access to their social media accounts and have been able to speak freely about their experiences on the show.

Adam was originally matched with Janelle on the experiment and despite their relationship proving to be strong, it all came crashing down when it was revealed he had kissed, Claire, another bride on the show.

Speaking on the Lara on Eyre: After MAFS Edition podcast, Adam gave his version of events about the run-up to the kiss and the aftermath that viewers saw play out on TV.

Adam claimed that when he and Claire did kiss, it was “the fifth attempt she had at trying to get me away from the group”. “She kept laying it on super thick and the drunker I got, the more appealing that idea sounded to me. I did instantly regret it. When it happened I was like, ‘Holy sh*t’, he explained.

The former groom also claimed some of the group were already aware of his kiss with Claire the day before it was revealed. Adam explained: “That came out on Monday and I was having a few drinks on Sunday. I was out having a couple of drinks with the boys in the experiment and one of the lads said, ‘Oh yeah, I know about the kiss’.

“I already knew it was out here because one of the producers slipped up. They asked me some questions and they were like, ‘What about the secret kiss?” and I’m like, ‘What?’. So I already knew [it was going to come out]. I text and said, ‘Who have you told?’ and then that day was the day she brought it up. So it felt like she beat me to the punch kind of thing. I would have rather sat Janelle and Jesse down.”

Throughout his podcast appearance, Adam continued to apologise for his actions, saying his only regret from the experiment was kissing Claire. “Janelle if you’re listening, I am sorry that I kissed Claire. If I could take that back I would,” he stated.

Janelle previously claimed Adam hadn’t apologised to her and in unaired scenes at the reunion, they had got into an argument over it.

“There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologised to me” she told Yahoo, continuing: “On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn’t want to forgive someone if they weren’t apologetic for the right thing.”

Adam also said the main reason the kiss between him and Claire happened on was because they broke the rules set in place by the MAFS Australia producers.

He explained: “There were strict rules but we broke all [of] the rules. We were all breaking the rules and if we hadn’t broken the rules, that kiss wouldn’t have happened because we wouldn’t have been out drinking together. There are rules set in place and we broke them.”

Since the MAFS Australia experiment, Adam has continued to live in Australia and has kept in touch with some of his MAFS Australia co-stars, including Tayla and Dan.

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