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The Idol is the worst show on television right now and these 19 memes prove it

The show reeks of Disney Channel level acting

After a long development and production process following Euphoria’s season two premiere, Sam Levinson’s new show, in the same fictional universe as Euphoria, is finally here. The Idol stars Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye and Lily Rose-Depp, as the leader of a modern day cult and a popstar at the start of their complicated relationship. Sam Levinson’s insane (and questionable) creative mind is back on our screens. Viewers across social media have not had the best reception to it however, and the critic reviews aren’t looking too good either.

But as usual Twitter is the place where these opinions manifest themselves in some of the funniest memes. Here are 19 of the best memes from Twitter that encapsulates how we all collectively feel about The Idol.

1. Inside the disturbing male mind

2. Sam’s downfall

3. That nicotine addiction is real

4. I don’t want to know anymore

5. I’m not sure about this one

6. “Is this play about us?”

7. Some downright questionable acting choices

8. The Cannes festival crowd must be on something

9. Method acting at its finest

10. The abundance of cigarettes is telling

11. Interesting plot…

12. Seems like Succession has got some competition

13. This one is outrageous

14. That bad it affected New York

15. Not sure how Sam will react to this one

16. It’s all about Jennie

17. Don’t think I can look at The Weeknd the same now

18. Jocelyn’s song is actually a bop though

19. Disney Channel acting at its finest

The Idol is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. For all the latest The Idol news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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