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Um, Shannon has called Janelle ‘fake’ after she made fun of his tan on a podcast

I wish I was making this up

Shannon Adams has revealed what he really thinks about his Married at First Sight Australia co-star, Janelle Han, in a scathing Instagram reel.

Shannon and Janelle featured on the MAFS Australia experiment in different couples and were quick to leave altogether after their respective relationships broke down.

The former groom has since called out Janelle over comments she made about him and his tan in an interview with PEDESTRIAN.TV.

During the interview, Janelle said she could “see the tan was not evenly on his face”. “I was just like, ‘Bro, stop,'” Janelle said. “The thing is, it’s even worse in person, like it was giving oompa loompa.”

Shannon has since addressed the comments and said Janelle was “really nice” to him during their time on MAFS Australia.

“And then I get that. Don’t apologise to people, just to insult them straight after,” he began. “And that’s a message to all your friends too. Because I guarantee you do the same thing to them. It’s like you’re smiling at them with your finger under the table. Fake as. Seriously.”

Shannon then made a dig about Janelle’s makeup, making it very known he was sunburnt. “Sure, okay. I was burnt as f**k. Absolutely,” he admitted. “[One] hundred per cent, won’t deny it. Looked like an oompa loompa, but at least it’s real.”

Daniel Holmes, who was on MAFS Australia last year commented in support of Shannon and wrote: “People switch hard after the show bro. Sad hey. Stay strong brus don’t let the others talking smack get to you!”

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