MAFS Australia star Evelyn Ellis has clapped back at the fake relationship rumours

Not Melinda saying they started out for the ‘hype’ looool

Married at First Sight Australia star, Evelyn Ellis, has clapped back against claims saying her relationship with Duncan James is fake.

Evelyn and Duncan both appeared on the most recent series and their relationship started to blossom once the cameras stopped filming. However the pair have recently been hit with accusations saying the romance between them isn’t real and now Evelyn is coming for them.

During an Instagram Q&A, fans asked her about her thoughts on people who believed they were pretending to be together for social media, and Evelyn responded by pretending those claims were true. She said: “Yep, it’s true. How can anyone go for a guy like that?”

Recently Melinda Willis, from the same season, said Evelyn and Duncan started out for the “hype” but eventually grew into a real relationship. It’s kind of savage but Evelyn seemed to take it well.

Evelyn confirmed their relationship on social media last month, sharing a photo of the two of them alongside the caption: “The cat is out of the bag, and yes, the rumours are true…Duncan and I are officially off the market!”

She also directed her followers to a joint interview with 9Entertainment, where the couple hard launched the fact they were dating.

So it’s fair to say Evelyn and Duncan aren’t massively bothered by the rumours and are just happy doing them – J’adore!

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