‘I thought it was obvious’: MAFS Australia’s Lyndall reveals she’s bisexual and on dating apps

I am shaking

Married at First Sight bride Lyndall Grace is trying to find her significant other after failing to find one with Cameron Woods.

The 27-year-old MAFS icon posted an Instagram story in a Q&A the other day and one fan asked if she had any romantic interests after MAFS.

Lyndall responded, confirming she is still single and looking for someone on dating apps.

She also shaded Cam hardcore after one fan noticed she looks happier since dating him, she shared a message on Hinge which said “Cam was a wanker.”

After MAFS, Lyndall has had a serious glow up. She’s recently undergone a makeover and unveiled her gorgeous new look. She’s had hair extensions put in and been modelling designer outfits on her socials.

Lyndal Grace also took her Q&A as an opportunity to come out as bisexual, something she thought was “pretty obvious.” She came out publicly during Pride month when a follower asked if she was doing anything to celebrate Pride this year. She wrote: “As a raging bisexual myself, absolutely yes. This is me coming out by the way.”

Alongside the announcement, Lyndall shared a photo of herself with friends surrounded by rainbow balloons. She said she thought it was obvious, saying: “If the nose ring, rollerhockey, overalls, footy, Miley Cyrus posters, gridiron, and lack of care for what men think of me wasn’t enough…I also used to have an undercut.

“I literally sleep under Miley Cyrus’ butt,” she said, panning the camera towards a snap of the American pop star posing in her underwear.

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