‘He’s now a national disgrace’: What celebrities have said about Phillip Schofield’s scandal

Katie Hopkins went in so hard on him

Since Phillip Schofield’s scandal surfaced and started to dominate headlines, celebrities have been going in on him and talking about their experiences. Kerry Katona recently came out on GB News and claimed Phillip Schofield’s interview left her “suicidal” and Katie Hopkins suggested he and Holly actually despise each other. It’s a lot to take in. So here is a rundown of everything all in one place and what celebrities have said about Phillip Schofield and his scandal.

Kerry Katona says her Phillip Schofield interview left her ‘suicidal’

Kerry Katona claimed her interview with Phillip Schofield at This Morning left her “suicidal” and she accused Schofield of “belittling” her.

Back in 2008, Schofield questioned Kerry Katona on her slurring speech. She has since revealed her slurred speech was brought on by her bipolar medication. Kerry Katona claimed she was left feeling suicidal after the appearance and criticised ITV for allegedly not reaching out. She told GB News: “People don’t understand what that interview did to me emotionally. Even now, when I go back to ITV – which isn’t very often – there is a sense of snobbery and that I’m not good enough. I feel like I have to impress them, I’ve got to watch my speech, I can’t slur.”

During the interview 15 years ago, Schofield said: “I’ve got to ask you something, Kerry, because there will be a lot of people watching you now who would have followed your career and seen your ups and downs and really watched you lurch from crisis to crisis. As people, we’ve known you for a very long time, you don’t, if I’m honest now, seem right to me sitting here now. You got the body sorted but your speech is a bit slurred. How are you feeling?”

Katie Hopkins has claimed Holly and Phillip ‘hate each other’s guts’

Katie Hopkins has not held back when it comes to Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and his scandal. The 48-year-old controversial star has given her opinion, she said: “I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that I’m just sending so much to Holly and Phil at this very, very difficult time because it’s so hard, isn’t it. To pretend to like someone when actually you hate their guts and you’re really just waiting for that moment when you get in the car alone and shut the car doors when you can really kick off and tell them what you really think.”

Piers Morgan said watching the aftermath has been ‘brutal to watch’

Divisive GB News presenter and ex-ITV broadcaster, Piers Morgan described the aftermath of Schofield’s initial This Morning departure as “brutal to watch.” He said: “One minute Schofield was the undisputed king of morning TV and fast heading to bona fide national treasure status – the next he’s dethroned, shamed, vilified, national disgrace and social media laughing stock.”

Nadine Dorries has called for an investigation into the whole scandal

Nadine Dorries called for an investigation into the whole scandal, with the former culture secretary claiming Holly Willoughby has “questions to answer” over how the young TV runner came to have an affair and be hired into ITV.

Jack Whitehall made a joke about it on telly

Comedian Jack Whitehall made a joke about the “feud” between Holly and Phillip during an appearance on BBC’s The Chris and Rosie Ramsey show.

Peter Andre said he still loves This Morning

The fallout at This Morning over Phillip Schofield’s affair with a much younger colleague is “difficult” to take, according to Peter Andre. He said: “I have to say that when I’ve been there over the years, they’ve always been incredibly nice to me. The staff, the people on the floor, the executives, they’ve always been nice to me, and it’s really hard. It is hard to hear this because you almost don’t want it to be true. I know that there’s a lot of speculation still and there’s no definite on anything, but it really is a difficult thing to hear when you’ve loved that family for so long and I still love them.”

Holly Willoughby said it has been ‘hurtful’

Holly Willoughby did not make a statement while there were rumours of a rift between her and Schofield, nor did she address issues while they were still presenting the together, but Holly did speak out after her former co-presenter admitted to his affair with the young production assistant. In a statement shared via her Instagram stories, she said: “When reports of this relationship first surfaced, I asked Phil directly if this was true and was told it was not. It’s been very hurtful to now find out that this was a lie.”

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