A fitness influencer is getting dragged for giving guests laxatives at her sugar-free wedding

The bride filmed what she ate on her wedding day

Trigger warning: Discussion of disordered eating.

A fitness influencer on TikTok is being dragged by people online for her wedding menu which included salads, gluten, dairy and sugar free-wedding cake and laxative pills on every table for the guests.

Sam Cutler, a fitness influencer who goes by the TikTok handle @thefitfatale, posted a clip of everything she ate on her wedding day last week and now she’s being rinsed for it.

The video in question showed what she consumed, as well as what she chose to serve her guests.  A lot of the food at her wedding was focused on healthy and clean eating. They had green smoothies in the morning, raw veg as a pre-wedding snack, low-sugar rose and champagne and salmon with vegetables for the main meal.

However she also had given out anti-bloating pills which has raised many eyebrows. People commenting on her TikTok video have claimed this promotes disordered eating, such as orthorexia, which is a medical condition characterised by an obsession with eating food believed to be healthy.

Sam Cutler’s video has made its way from TikTok to Twitter in recent days. One person quote tweeted the viral clip saying: “If I go to your wedding and there’s rabbit food and bloat pills on the tables, I’m objecting during the ceremony.” Another person said: “This is the kind of wedding you’ve got to leave early to hit Taco Bell after or something.”

Someone else wrote: “I’m tired of this type of ‘healthy’ eating obsession being normalised, like no girl, you have an eating disorder.”

People online who have seen Sam Cutler’s wedding TikTok have suggested. Others also commended her for including food that considered intolerances to dairy, gluten and allergies. It’s a real mixed bag.

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