Penn Badgley confirms he *won’t* be in YOU season five and Joe is being recast

He’s ‘fed up’ with the evil character and has finally had enough of playing him

You might want to sit down for this, as Penn Badgley has confirmed Joe Goldberg is being recast as he will not be carrying on in his role in the next season of YOU. Netflix has just confirmed YOU will be returning for a fifth and final season, but the actor has said he will not. I’m heartbroken!

Penn has made it no secret in the past that he absolutely hates his character Joe Goldberg, he is a serial killer psychopath after all. But now, talking to The Tab, he’s confirmed another season is simply a step too far for him.

“I’m fed up of being evil all the time,” he said in an exclusive interview. “Joe is an awful guy, and whilst a lot of people seemed to realise this during season four, I’m still seeing thirst TikToks all about him. It’s just too much.”

via Netflix

Penn said he’s spoken to Netflix and confirmed his departure, adding another huge reason for leaving the role behind was the show’s move to London. “I think you guys all agreed that the show being set in London wasn’t great,” he said. “I hate London. The people are rude, the city is bleak. If the producers think I’m going back there to film again, they’ve got another thing coming.”

A Netflix insider has since told The Tab the creators of the show are in “turmoil” over its future. They are said to be “desperately scrambling” to recast Joe, and have considered doing an open casting call or approaching people who look a bit like Penn on the street, to see if they’re interested.


I am SO sorry. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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