TikTok Crocs

Everyone is buying these Crocs dupes from TikTok shop, this is how you can buy yours

Take my money rn

TikTok has an insane level of influence over what we buy and right now these Crocs from the TikTok Shop have everyone in a chokehold. Whether it’s the viral Uniqlo crossbody bag, the 99p water bottle or the Jellycat toys – TikTok is changing how and where we spend our money.

Over the past couple of years Crocs have had a comeback and I am praying they stay around forever. Everyone wants to be a Croc girly but unfortunately with how popular they’ve got we have seen prices go up. However now they’re available on the TikTok Shop and people are gagged. Here’s where you can get your TikTok Crocs from:

Why are Crocs going viral on TikTok?

They’ve just been the go-to shoe since the pandemic started three years ago. They’re having a moment and now the TikTok Shop has come out with their own dupes and wow, users are shook. You can get a huge variety of colours plus some creators have also been picking up 50 Croc charms for £5.

How do I buy the TikTok Crocs from the TikTok shop?

If you want to bag yourself a pair of TikTok Crocs then follow these simple steps:

• Open up TikTok

• Click on “Discover” and search for “TikTok Crocs”

• Click the “Shop” tab on the slide along menu

• Click the first video to appear and it should pop up with the option to buy the Crocs

• If a video with a link doesn’t appear then you can click “View links”

• Then follow all the steps to continue with purchasing your own TikTok Crocs

The Crocs cost between £11.96 and £13.89 depending on colour and size.

Many people who have already ordered the Crocs have said how incredible they are and how similar they are to a real pair they already own.

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