Omg! Will just confirmed Jessie is moving to the UK to move in with him and work on his farm


Love Island contestant Will Young has confirmed his girlfriend Jessie Wynter is moving to the UK to live with him on his farm and help deliver lambs and now I’m sobbing.

The couple were dumped from the villa just days before Monday night’s final in South Africa and they’ve been inseparable since flying back to London. With doing the big Tesco trip together and Jessie’s first trip to his farm – fans have been loving them both together.

Speaking to MailOnline, Will said they are both so keen to live and work together on his farm just in time for lambing season. Will said: “Jessie is moving to the farm for the next month or two and she will be doing lambing and all of that, which I’m super, super excited about.”

According to Will, when Jessie first visited the farm he gave her some of his wellies and she was getting properly stuck in with the animals. He says this made him fall in love with her even more.

So far since being back in the UK, Jessie and Will have spent one night apart but they both agreed they found that “horrible.” They both revealed they’ve barely left the bedroom since leaving the villa, Jessie even admitted it is “one million times better now” the cameras aren’t rolling and they’re out of the villa.

Jessie said: “Our parents haven’t commented on us having sex in the villa, we’re just going to pretend like that didn’t happen. I wasn’t planning on doing that.” Will added: “I thought we were just going to go in and not have sex because we were being filmed but you’re in there for so long, it’s portrayed in a playful way. But it’s been so nice leaving the villa and having proper alone time.”

Will says they can relax together and feel very comfortable, even sitting in silence isn’t awkward. He says: “Some people on the show were saying they wanted to spend time apart from their partner to make their heart grow fonder and I said to Jessie ‘we are not doing that.’ I don’t need my heart to grow fonder! I know what my heart wants.”

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Will has insisted the pressure to make their romance work isn’t purely on Jessie moving, he says he will be going home with her to Tasmania before they commit to a long-term plan. He says: “A relationship works both ways, I can’t rely on Jessie to pack her bags and I would never want her to do that. I am such a family man and I want to experience Jessie’s family, her home. I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve heard there’s loads of sheep there.”

The couple have had chats about marriage and babies, Will told MailOnline he doesn’t want to live his life without her. Jessie agreed, adding: “I am turning 27 later this year and I’m from the country. Most of my friends were married at 22, I am the odd one out.”

In terms of Will kissing another girl from Casa in the villa, Jessie said it crushed her. She said she didn’t want to be in the villa and felt as though she lost her place there. Jessie said she also faced criticism from other Islanders who questioned her feelings for Will being genuine or not after they allegedly say “no tears” over the Casa fallout. Jessie revealed Love Island bosses had to step in, take her out the villa and she saw a psychologist a couple of times.

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