‘We wanted Ron and Lana to win’: Kai and Sanam spill after being crowned Love Island winners

Sanam said it’s ‘unbelievable’ she’s the first Casa Islander to win the show

It’s official: Kai and Sanam are our Love Island 2023 winners! After eight weeks of watching the Islanders crack on in the villa, it feels like the public finally got a vote right, and we might just have the most wholesome champions of all time.

Now, in an interview since leaving the Love Island 2023 villa, Kai and Sanam have spilled all on what’s next for them in their relationship, and how they feel being named the most popular couple.

Here’s everything they had to say.

Kai and Sanam, Love Island 2023 winners

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How do Kai and Sanam feel being named Love Island 2023 winners?

Kai said it’s “a bit of shock” to have won the show and added: “I don’t think either of us expected to even be in the final let alone win it. When we got to the final, I think we were just happy to be there.

“We said the whole time along, it didn’t matter if we won it or not – positions weren’t anything, we were happy to go at any time because we knew that we had met each other and were buzzing and happy and just looking forward to our time together next. To come away and win it, is just the cherry on top. We are both just absolutely buzzing and shocked.”

Sanam added: “Whether we were third, fourth, second, whatever we would have still been really happy. It’s just amazing to know there is a lot of love there for us.”

‘We wanted Ron and Lana to win!’

Kai and Sanam, Love Island 2023 winners

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Sanam said from day one, they wanted Ron and Lana to win the show – but the couple came second, losing out them. “Even if they had won, they’re our best friends, we love them so much and wanted them to win and support them,” she said. “And if we won, we knew they were then supporting us.”

Kai said: “Yeah it was win win for us. Either our favourite couple wins or we win. It was the best moment ever. Especially for me, being stood on that stage with Ron, that meant a lot to me. He’s been there for me through thick and thin and I’ve been there for him through thick and thin. It’s amazing that we both got to share that moment together.”

They both said they genuinely didn’t believe they would win, despite knowing they are really compatible. Sanam described the win as a “massive shock” and said she thought Ron and Lana or Tom and Samie would take the prize.

‘I’ve made it pretty clear she is going to be my girlfriend’

They hadn’t made it official in the villa yet, but it’s 100 per cent coming, according to Kai. He said: “I’ve made it pretty clear that she is definitely going to be my girlfriend on the outside! As soon as we get out here, that’s when even more effort starts. You can really value someone’s time and effort when you have to put in the time and effort. That’s what I am looking forward to.”

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Sanam said it’s ‘unbelievable’ being the first Casa Amor Islander to win the show

By winning, Sanam made history as the first Islander to enter during Casa Amor to go on and win. She called this “unbelievale” and said: “Honestly, I am one of these people that take things day-by-day. I don’t go into something thinking I am achieving it straight away, I take it day-by-day. When I got into Casa I didn’t think I would make it to the main villa. Then I got into the main villa and didn’t think I would make it any further.

“You know what, don’t let your fears get in the way – go for it. Things can actually work out, and what’s meant to be will be. Don’t lose hope – that’s my message for anyone else considering it!”

Sanam is already heading to Manchester, and they’ll be on holiday soon

The couple have said this week Sanam is planning to come to Manchester, where Kai is based. After this, Kai will visit her in Bedford and then they want to spend some time together in London. “Then we have all of these little holidays planned,” Kai said. “I feel like we are going to be very busy together, it’s going to be non-stop and we are excited for it!”

Sanam said she wants to take time to meet Kai’s sister soon, and get to know the rest of his family. “I’m really excited to meet them all,” she said. “You’ve got loads of people for me to meet so I can’t wait. We’ve got a lot we want to do together and just continue on the outside.”

Kai and Sanam, Love Island 2023 winners

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Are they going to move in together?

Moving in together is always a big question with Love Island couples, as distance often plays a part in their relationships. Sanam said that is something they “want to work towards” and Kai said for the right girl, he will “move anywhere”. He said living in Sanam’s hometown of Bedford would be “no issue” for him.

Let’s address it, Sanam dropped the L-bomb during the final!

We all heard her say it, Sanam accidentally dropped the L-bomb live during the final. “I was just filled with emotions and everything just wanted to come out all at once,” she said. “But if it’s going to come out, it’s going to be between me and Kai on one of our amazing dates we’ve got planned.”

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