Cheese tax song

Everyone is obsessed with this popular Cheese Tax song currently dominating TikTok

‘When the cheese comes out this puppy comes looking’

Every once in a while someone on TikTok will make a really stupid and annoying song that gets stuck in our heads. And currently it is the Cheese Tax dog song and it is infuriatingly catchy.

TikTok account @Puppysongs has created the song and dog owners say the Cheese Tax song hits the nail on the head when it comes to what it’s like owning a dog.

Just in case you haven’t heard the song yet, here’s a read through of the lyrics: “The cheese tax! The cheese tax! You got to pay the cheese tax every time you’re cooking. When the cheese comes out this puppy comes looking. The rules are the rules and the facts are the facts. When the cheese draw opens you got to pay the tax.”

It continues: “The cheese tax! The cheese tax! Hand it over quick or things might get ugly. I can get really loud, I’m a really barky puppy. I’m not just asking because I’m looking for snacks. This is really important business you’ve got to pay the tax. The cheese tax! The cheese tax! The cheeeeese tax!”

TikTok users have been going viral for filming themselves giving their dogs cheese and using the Cheese Tax audio.

The account @Puppysongs has over 640,000 followers and 13.3 million likes. Recently they also shared their Couch Indentation song and it has over one million views. @Puppysongs also created a viral song that goes like “Sometimes my lip get stuck on my teefs,” which we all know slapped very hard at the time.

The creator behind @Puppysongs, Matt, posted a video thanking everyone for the love on the Cheese Tax song. You can find the @Puppysongs on TikTok here.

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