bold glamour filter TikTok

Here’s how to get the bold glamour filter that’s leaving everyone on TikTok looking snatched

And that’s on shattering my self-confidence!

The new bold glamour filter is all over TikTok right now and it makes absolutely everyone look snatched to the high heavens without putting a crumb of effort in. Filters have always dominated social media, recently we’ve seen the AI portrait filter take over as well as the sad face filter. But now the bold glamour filter is here to take over and it’s iconic.

Here’s how you can get the bold glamour TikTok filter and join in on the hype.

How to get the bold glamour filter from TikTok

Getting the bold glamour filter is easy however it’s not available in every location. If you can’t find it on your TikTok then you’ll have to wait until it’s added. But to see if you have access to the bold glamour TikTok filter then follow these simple steps.

• Firstly you need to open up TikTok

• Click on the plus icon that appears in the bottom of the screen to open the camera

• In the bottom left corner tap “effects”

• Then search for “bold glamour”

• Finally tap on the filter with the same name, it is usually the first one in the result

The filter will then be applied to the screen and you can start filming yourself. You’re going to look outrageously glam so get ready to have your self confidence shattered into smithereens once the filter is removed.

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