she lives inside of me

This ‘she lives inside of me’ TikTok trend is way too wholesome and will make you sob

If a dad features in the video then I am gone

TikTok isn’t home to heartwarming trends that often but when we find one, god it is soul destroying. The latest wholesome trend is called “she lives inside of me” and I’ve genuinely cried at every single one I have watched. Users are posting throwback photos and videos to heal their inner child – here’s how the trend works.

How does the ‘she lives inside of me’ TikTok trend work?

The “she lives inside of me” trend is all about honouring a person’s inner child. When they were a free-spirit and didn’t have a single responsibility compared to now living as an adult and at times feeling like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The trend features old clips from childhood accompanied by lighthearted instrumental music, the “she lives inside of me” videos are about loving your younger self and appreciating them more. The clips are often cinematic too and are followed with “she lives inside of me” experiences being shared in the comment section by people who have seen the TikTok.

Just look at this one of a dad filming his child in a princess outfit and she’s spinning for him and he’s cheering her on. I am sobbing.

There’s also another viral one with over 160k likes showing a girl jumping toward the sea and running away from the waves.

It could just be me but all the videos including girls and their dads absolutely kill me. There’s one here showing a girl catching floating butterflies in a game with her dad and they’re both having the time of their life.

To watch more videos of the trend and to have a good cry, follow the link here.


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