This is exactly what Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters were like on Love Island Australia

Apparently, Jessie was way more ‘wild’ on her season

Before Jessie Wynter entered the South African villa as a bombshell on winter Love Island 2023, but she was once an OG girl on season two of Love Island Australia.

Jessie entered the villa this year alongside fellow Aussie, Aaron Waters, who was an OG boy on his respective season. Aaron has since been dumped in a brutal double dumping and Jessie remains in a strong couple with TikTok farmer Will Young and their relationship seems to be heading into a truly bright future.

Since Jessie and Aaron were on Love Island Australia, they have both changed a lot and it’s not just because they’re no longer blonde. Jessie and Aaron have bucket loads of experience on Love Island, as they both got through to the finals of their respective seasons, but a lot has changed. Here’s everything you need to know about what Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters were like on Love Island Australia.

Jessie Wynter

Jessie Aaron Love Island Australia

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Jessie was on season two of Love Island Australia in October 2019. She entered the villa as an OG girl and came fourth place with her now ex-boyfriend Todd Elton. Jessie and Todd were victims of the three month relationship curse and split up three months after leaving the villa.

Jessie Aaron Love Island Australia

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Jessie was in four different couples before coupling up with Todd on her 26th day in the villa. On her very first day she coupled up with Maurice, but she dumped him after accusing him of “seeking publicity”.

When telling Maurice she wanted to end things, she said: “I’m not meaning to sound rude but I think publicity is huge for you. I think that really has shone through today and it has made me think, was yesterday publicity as well? That works perfect. The first kiss in the villa.”

The exchange between the pair got very heated and they decided to just be friends after Jessie said listening to him was like “nails down a chalkboard.” Yikes!

Jessie then coupled up with bombshell Eoghan, who was tasked with stealing one of the girls from the boys. He coupled up with Jessie, but after a while they slowed things down after Eoghan said he was unwilling to move to Tasmania, where Jessie lived at the time. Jessie then pursued things with Gerard but quickly moved on with Todd, whom she came fourth place with.

When Jessie coupled up with Todd, she later said the “public were very angry”. Alas, Jessie had high hopes for her time on Love Island UK, and before she entered the villa she said: “Let’s hope that I can actually find the right person now.”

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Some viewers who watched Jessie on the Australian version of show, have said Jessie is “way more reserved” on winter Love Island 2023. In a thread on Reddit, one user said: “She seems way more reserved this season. I feel like she was a bit wilder in Australia. She was playing the field hard. New guy every week.”

Another user said: “I’m just bingeing season two and noticing that Jessie does not seem at all like she’d ever be interested in someone like Will. But I do love them together.”

Jessie looked completely different when she was on Love Island Australia, with a whole new hair colour. She is currently rocking a caramel brown hair colour, but she once had complete blonde hair when she was on the Australian version of the show.

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Aaron Waters

Jessie Aaron Love Island Australia

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Aaron entered on the same day as Jessie on winter Love Island 2023, but he was the latest victim of a brutal double dumping at the hands of the girls in the villa. Aaron didn’t have much luck in the South Africa villa, the polar opposite to his time on Love Island Australia in 2021. Aaron left the villa with Jess Velkovski and they even came in second place, but they split just DAYS after leaving the show.

Talking about the split, Aaron said: “We still had issues seeing eye to eye on a situation in the villa. I wanted to move past it, and at least thought we could grow from it, but there was no real growth there, so I just felt like it was best to part ways. I don’t have any bad intentions towards Jess or anything. I wish her all the best and hope the best for her future but unfortunately it didn’t work out between us.”

Aaron was in four different couples while on Love Island Australia but for the most part was coupled up with Jess. Aaron and Courtney initially coupled up on the first day but they later split and Aaron coupled up with Ari. When Ari was dumped from the villa, she said she hoped her “best friends Aaron and Jess” would win Love Island Australia season three.

Similarly to Jessie, Aaron was also completely blonde when he was on Love Island Australia. Viewers were split over his hair colour decision and when he entered the winter Love Island villa, one viewer said: “Aaron looked so good when he had the blonde hair on Love Island Australia. Wish he came in with that.”

However, another viewer said: “I see why Aaron shaved his head.” Savage!

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