sigma face

Sigma face explained: Here’s the meaning behind TikTok’s new favourite facial expression

😙💨 Slay

TikTok obsessions come and go, a couple years ago we had the two fingers on arm pose and this time we have the sigma face. Here’s everything you need to know about the sigma face including how to pull it, where it’s from and why you keep seeing it pop up all over your FYP.

What exactly is a sigma face?

For those that haven’t already seen it yet, the sigma face sees TikTokers put their eyebrows at an upward angle why their mouth is pouted. It kind of resembles the combination of these two emojis: 😙💨. The eyebrows have to look sad though and the mouth has to have a smug vibe to it as if you’re blowing out air.

The sigma face gained popularity on TikTok following its use in a video by a creator named @argenby in November last year. The video currently has over 95 million views, with the expression having since taken over TikTok as others have recreated it.

Real fans however have clocked the connection with American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale. @argenby has said before that the American Psycho movie inspired his face and he’s even dressed up as Christian Bale before in previous videos.

According to the Urban Dictionary, sigma refers to a specific type of guy who exudes power, is successful and is independent. However in more recent videos the face appears to have taken on a different meaning as the creator has used it more to react to displays of kindness or respect.

The creator has even posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the face. The first step is to frown and then lower your eyebrows. Finally you add your pout and then you have it.

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