Uni students should have loans paid off if they’re less woke, says Tory politician

‘Any support given must tackle the high level of woke indoctrination students face at university’

A Tory peer has suggested university students should have their student loans reduced or written off altogether if they can prove they are less woke than their fellow students.

In an article arguing how conservatives can help win over new voters at the next election, Nat Wei, or Lord Wei of Shoreditch as is his official title, argued students should take part in national tests measuring their “tolerance of other viewpoints, lateral thinking and critical thinking”.

He stressed: “Any support given must be linked with tackling the high level of woke indoctrination they face at university.” Very Shoreditch of him.

His national tests would rank all students, with the top performing students having their debts paid off as a prize.

To hold universities accountable for the current “out of control wokery”, he suggested increasing funding for those universities with the highest number of student “prize winners”, however he would also strip funding from universities whose students won the least number of prizes.

Lord Wei became the youngest Tory peer when he entered the House of Lords aged 33 in 2010. The entrepreneur believes his national tests could also be a useful metric for employers as it would help them spot the best talent.

He maintained: “If communicated correctly, it could give a strong reason for students and graduates to vote Conservative, and help tackle out of control wokery in tertiary education.”

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