Revealed: These are the druggiest Russell Group unis

Animals, the lot of ya

Russell Group unis are known for being at the top of the uni league tables – but a lesser known statistic is how many students from each of these unis do drugs. Turns out that students at Russell Group unis go as hard on drugs as they do on studying. That is unless you go to Cambridge, of course.

The Tab’s drug survey of 5000 students across the UK revealed exactly which Russell Group unis are the druggiest of them all – and spoiler alert, some of them will surprise you.

Yes, turns out it really isn’t a stereotype – students love drugs, and Russell Group students are no exception, despite their prestigious reputation.

Manchester claims the spot for the druggiest uni, with 89 per cent of their students saying they’ve tried drugs. Bristol came in at close second with 87 per cent and you just know they’re gutted they didn’t bag the top spot for this one.

God knows what Cambridge students actually do with their time, but apparently it isn’t drugs. Only 53 per cent of their students said they have tried drugs.

These are the druggiest Russell Group unis:

Manchester – 89.88 per cent

Bristol – 87.34 per cent

Glasgow – 85.71 per cent

Leeds – 85.32 per cent

Newcastle – 83.38 per cent

Liverpool – 81.25 per cent

Birmingham – 78.57 per cent

Cardiff – 78.28 per cent

Nottingham – 76.76 per cent

Edinburgh – 74.84 per cent

Exeter – 74.36 per cent

UCL – 73.02 per cent

Durham – 69.10 per cent

York – 65.08 per cent

Cambridge – 53.69 per cent

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