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Sighh Studio owner Polly Vadasz’s ‘horrifying’ Tweets exposed: Here’s everything we know

She has since apologised on her private Instagram account

Sighh Studio was once a hugely popular Instagram-based business – and its owner, Polly Vadasz, was the breakout star. It’s cute, aesthetic products (like “surviving and thriving” washi tape and pre-made bullet journals) earned it a place on people’s Pinterest boards.

The online stationary shop had over 50,000 followers on the platform, while the founder managed to gain a cool 36,600 off the back of its success.

But over the last few days, people have been boycotting the brand in their thousands. An unknown Twitter account called “Polly Vadasz Exposed” joined just three days ago, and has been working non-stop to expose Polly for her previous offensive comments.

polly vadasz

Photo via Instagram

The first screenshot the account posted was taken from August 2014, and appeared to show a Tweet made from Polly’s (now deleted) account. It read, “I just really want my dad’s girlfriend to be deported”.

Since then, “Exposing Polly Vadasz” has been systematically sharing extremely offensive comments made by the business owner, some even dating back to 2011. Xenophobic, ableist and racist slurs were all used – as well as jokes about rape and murder.

Some of Polly’s old Tweets also contained homophobic and misogynistic slurs aimed at women. “There’s this really angry lesbian following me on Tumblr and everything I say she has a go at STOP IT”, one read.

polly vadasz

A number of her old Tweets made reference to Polish people, as well as Chinese and Black individuals.

polly vadasz

The account started to gain traction, with former customers speaking out about the situation on social media. In the wake of Elle Darby’s racism scandal, people have expressed disappointment in seeing influencers they looked up to engaging in such offensive behaviour.

According to Social Blade, the account has lost over a thousand followers in the last 24 hours alone, with many shoppers boycotting the brand altogether. Those who have supported Sighh Studio since it was created have decided not to buy from them any more.

“Seeing how unbelievably offensive and racist she is has been such a shock and I’ll never support her again”, one person said. “Finding out Polly Vadasz is a racist has ruined my night, brb putting all my sighh stationary in the bin” said another.

Independent shops who used to stock Vadasz’ brand are even losing out on money by removing her products from their shelves.

Although her Instagram account is now on private, she posted a lengthy apology on her story. “I am so incredibly sorry”, she said. “But I am glad for this opportunity to be held accountable for my actions and do some good.

“I want to pay reparations to the people that I have hurt through those words. I will donate a set (percentage) of my profits going forward to charities like Stop Hate UK and Stonewall”.

polly vadasz apology

The Tab has reached out to Polly for comment.

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