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Zara gave Sam an eternity ring, vitamins and protein bars to try and win him back

Protein bars are the way to a man’s heart after all

Sam Thompson has revealed Zara McDermott sent him a number of gifts including an eternity ring, vitamins and protein bars as a way to win him back, in a new clip from tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea.

In the clip shared exclusively with the MailOnline, Sam is seen chatting to Reza about the gifts he’s received from Zara.

The package which Reza said was “as big” as him, featured an eternity ring, a letter, vitamins and protein bars because according to Sam, Zara knows he “likes the gym”.

However the many interesting gifts might not be enough to win Sam back as he says how embarrassed he has been.

He said: “I’ve been quite vocal about how embarrassed I am. I don’t know if I should see her. I don’t know if that’s the right move.”

Sam also addressed Zara’s cringe begging video compilation she posted on Instagram, calling it “touching” and praised Zara’s “honesty”.

In another clip shared with the MailOnline, Zara is seen chatting to Alex Mytton. On a park bench she tells him about the gift and says Sam has been wearing the eternity ring.

Zara and Sam split up at the end of summer, after Sam discovered Zara had been cheating on him the previous year with someone on The X Factor.

Since then Zara has made numerous attempts to ask for Sam’s forgiveness and to get back together. And it may have just worked as friends of the pair say they are back together after reconciling two weeks ago.

Zara has been spotted leaving Sam’s house and posting a lot of throwback photos of them with loving captions, making people think they are back together.

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