A student died from a heart attack after a line of cocaine

She was just 24 years old

A Bristol university student died after taking a line of cocaine, her sister has revealed.

Lucy White was 24 when she died in hospital, after a line of cocaine triggered a heart attack and left her in a coma during 2018.

The BBC also spoke to 25-year-old Lewis, who also had a heart attack after taking cocaine. He had reportedly taken the drug numerous times without issue, but on this occasion had a bad reaction and needed medical treatment.

“My friend’s a nurse and she was taking my pulse and she’s whispering, ‘Call an ambulance.’ My heart is pounding out of my chest.”

Lewis explained how cocaine started to make him feel paranoid as he had delusions of his girlfriend cheating on him. He was spending “£200 to £300 a week” on the drug.

“It wasn’t making me happy at all,” he told the BBC. “It’s the worst paranoia I’ve had in my life.

“I’d be sat by my window, a car would pull up and I’d be looking over my shoulder. I’d fear my girlfriend was cheating on me.”

Cocaine in Britain is purer and taken more commonly than ever before. Figures given to the BBC by the NHS show: