The most popular secret sex fetishes, according to Killing Kittens

You’ve been naughty x

If your sex life is currently drunken shags with emotionally unavailable men who only know three sex positions, I have some news: There is more out there and you deserve better. Vanilla people have vanilla sex and will continue to for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile the rest of us are out here giving footjobs, being tied up and having threesomes (or at least trying to).

Killing Kittens, an exclusive club which hosts sex parties in fancy London townhouses, has compiled a list of the top fetishes.

Surveying its members from across the UK, Killing Kittens asked them to name their favourite fetish, or two, so you can see how yours compare below. Their most popular ones were:

Bondage/BDSM                    16%

Feet                                          5%

Exhibitionism                       4%

Restraints                            4%

Group Sex                             4%

Latex                                      4%

Shibari Rope                        3.5%

Voyeur                                  3.5%

Leather                                  3%

Threesome                          2.5%

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The following, less obvious fetishes, also appeared in the Killing Kittens survey, with individual members naming these are their number 1 turn on: Hairbrushes, Dollification, Hunter Wellies, Ugg Boots, Being Paid, Flowers, Dimples, Being Pressed Naked Against Glass of a Tall Building, Smelly Feet and Blood.

The natural next question was to ask how they found out about their fetishes, the KK members confirmed these as the top triggers to their awakenings: 31% said they’d just always known whilst 14% said they’d discovered theirs when with a new partner. 6% said porn/reading erotica helped them discover theirs and 2% suggested that pushing themselves to try something new led to their passion.

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