These ‘Vocal During Sex’ memes will have you reaching for the megaphone

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We’re only a week into 2020 and there’s already a new format doing the rounds on Twitter – the ‘Vocal During Sex’ meme. Its basic structure works like this:

The setup:

“me: I’m quite vocal during sex
her: lol that’s ok

[later in bed]
me: *through megaphone*”

The punchline:

[some random point about culture, the world, your thought process all written in CAPITAL LETTERS]

Like most memes, this one is basically just another excuse to share your inner shower thoughts in exchange for a few likes and retweets. But hey, it’s a great way to procrastinate and put off revision for another minute or two.

Here’s a list of the best Vocal During Sex memes Twitter has to offer:

When you can’t get that theme tune out of your head

When football is EVERYTHING

Seriously, have some more respect

Sorry, what decade are we living in again??

In case the bush fires in Australia aren’t enough proof

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality, you’ll know 

When the election is done but you’re still not over it 

Not your usual sex playlist but you’re into it

I think we can all agree that nine grand a year is a JOKE 

“I’d like to talk to the manager” 

Remember singing this absolute banger in assembly?

Some people just need more encouragement than others 

Got to love 21st Century dating 

Everyone deserves to dream big 

Altogether now… 

It’s all in the delivery

Henry Cavil mostly topless – need we say more?

It’s time to get working on those harmonies

Finally, someone who speaks the truth! 

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