Introducing The Tab National Fellowship 2016

Applications are open for our new 2016 National Fellowship, The Tab’s official June – September programme.

The Tab’s National Fellowship is our summer programme which gives our best student journalists the opportunity to write for our National site which reaches 5 million people every month. Successful fellows will write about topics that matter to young people, and be a part of The Tab’s exciting summer series and reporting projects. They will be mentored by our team of professional journalists in London, who have written for VICE, The Telegraph and The Guardian. It’s essentially an internship you can do from home.


The commitment: Fellows will write one quality story per week for three months during the summer break, with a few skip weeks to cover holidays. The positions start on May 30th. The first story is due on Monday 6th June.

Fellow benefits

  • One on one advice and training from our professional London staff who will give you feedback on every story
  • Training in media law, interview techniques, news writing, video production and many more
  • Official Fellow certification, recognised by our partner companies in the media
  • A named listing on our Fellows site, which is sent to recruiters
  • A global audience of millions reading your work

Our summer projects

Fellows will contribute to our new projects, which include:

  • Babe: Our new women’s site is a place for girls who dgaf to talk candidly about young female’s lives in 2016
  • MURMUR: As clubs close across Britain, MURMUR seeks to answer one question: “what is the new face of British nightlife?” The site will include extensive festival coverage, with opportunities for Fellows to attend some of the most celebrated events in the world and interview artists
  • 925: Navigating the world of work can be a tall task. On 925 Fellows will share their personal job experiences and speak to top industry experts about how to get a foot in the door
  • Britain’s best food: Does your hometown have the best curry houses in the UK? Do you have a local delicacy that everyone needs to eat before they die? Our ongoing series is uncovering the most underrated local food across the country

How to apply

Fill in this application by Monday 30th May 2016 at 11:59 pm GMT. From there you’ll be assigned a London HQ editor who will help you get going.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Is this Fellowship in London? Can I do it from my bed? 
The Tab Summer Fellowship is totally online and you’ll be working remotely. You can write for us from your bed, by the pool, while you’re studying abroad, or wherever you have wifi.

How different is the Fellowship from writing during the academic year? 
Because it’s the summer break, you will have more direct contact with your editor – the Fellowship has a special focus on educating writers and reporters. The other main difference is that this summer we are launching our new sites.

What if I can’t commit to twelve weeks?
Every Fellow will be given three skip weeks, meaning you’ll be required to write at least nine stories throughout the summer. How you spread out these stories doesn’t matter to us – you can write three a week for three weeks, or one a week for nine weeks. It’s up to you.

Can I apply if I’ve just gotten involved with The Tab, or only written a few pieces?
Definitely. This is an opportunity for you to have more experience writing Tab-style news and features, and we’re looking forward to helping you grow as a writer.

Can I do this if I’m graduating?
Absolutely! We’d love to hear your musings on post-grad life, particularly for the 925 site.