You could literally rent a Scottish castle for £90 this weekend

All you need is 13 friends and a Friday off work

Sometimes, when you’re bored and it’s miserable outside, you start fantasising about what your life would be like as a fairytale.

Like, imagine living in a castle. How sick would that be? Even better, how sick would it be to move to a castle this weekend?

The last obscene Airbnb we brought you was a houseboat in Amsterdam, but that was child’s play compared to this week’s offering: an ornate Scottish castle for less than £100 each.


The property, Lickleyhead Castle in Aberdeenshire, sleeps 14 people and is available for Friday and Saturday night.

At £600 a night, with a service fee of £108, that means you could spend the weekend living like kings for a ridiculous £93.43 per person.


The castle is described as “quiet and secluded and very private set in beautiful parkland surrounded by mature trees”.

It comes fully equipped with chandeliers, portraits, seven en-suite bedrooms and a dining room which would make Joffrey blush.


You better be quick, though. You do only have four days.